Dead Rising 2: Case West XBLA Review

Are you ready for more zombie bashing action? this is Dead Rising 2: Case West, the epilogue for Dead Rising 2. This is not an add-on but a standalone download game and you dont require to have the disc to play it.
This game is appealing for both old time Dead Rising fans or newcomers to the series that never played previous titles, in both cases who doesnt enjoy bashing zombies? i certainly do.

The game take off right after the events in Dead Rising 2, and here the Intrepid photojournalist Dan Aykroyd.. er, i mean Frank West meets Chuck Greene. Originally in search of Rebecca Chang, Frank discovers she is dead and along with Chuck they head to Phenotrans pharmaceutical to unlock the mystery of the outbreaks and behind the manufacture of Zombrex.

Right after a couple cutscenes you are thrown into action and surrounded by zombies, just to find out zombies are ready to be shipped in containers, what does this means and why is Phenotrans pharmaceutical doing this? this epilogue is supposed to answer some of our questions and serves as a bridge linking Dead Rising 2 with the upcoming Dead Rising 3.

Dan Aykroyd looks badass... er i mean Frank, Frank west!

Simple but effective, The Frypan is a favorite (not a combo weapon but buy nolvadex d i just love it) by looking around the amount of weapons you can find is inmense.

Just like before you can customize and create combo weapons, one of my favorites the “Hail Mary”, by combining a Football and a grenade you can get an explosive TOUCHDOWN! and this is but one of the many combo weapons you can build by gathering materials all over the place.

You have to love details like that sign in the wall

Features from the first game are here, glad to see the action shots are back, something many missed in Dead Rising 2 and one of the details that made the first game special, both Frank and Chuck can take photographs.

Say cheezburger!

As long as you dont try to play kamikaze, zombies are not much of a problem. In the other hand the new additions which include security guards and zombie handlers can be annoying and sometimes difficult to beat. Survivors can be found in this game too, and it is more linear than previous games so there’s no need to go back to do mini quests.

There are a few skill add-ons out there and it is regrettable none of them works with this game, would have been good if they did, probably Capcom could release a patch or something? its something we can dream. Frank cant be selected at all in Single player mode and this is one of the biggest letdowns for the many fans waiting the release of this DLC.

Frank controlled by the AI cant die, don’t like this much, i feel this take out some of the challenge the game should have. If you take in mind the game do not offer buy levitra professional online but 3 to 5 hours of gameplay, shortens the gameplay this title has to offer.

come to papa...!! that's going to hurt.

Dead Rising 2: Case West do not offer nothing new to the fans, still the title have all the good elements from previous games making it a good experience, certainly it is short but we cant expect much from a standalone DLC like this.
If you are a fan of the game you cant miss Case West, you can get it for 800 Microsoft Points in the marketplace and become the proud owner of a mighty Frypan that can fry eggs and bash zombies too!

We give this game a 7.8 out of 10

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