Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex arrives to the current generation of consoles with a unique jaw dropping game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This title developed by Eidos and published by Square-Enix has not only great graphics but also terrific gameplay complementing it to perfection! If you want to check some eye candy concept art please visit our Image Gallery.

Adam Jensen a former SWAT, suffers fatal injuries when terrorists attacked the company where he is head of security, Sarif Industries. The only way to save his life is with augmented cybernetics.
6 months have passed and Adam is returning to work, to discover lots of rumors and new faces in the company. In addition to this are several colleagues who resent him for failing to stop the attack which cost the lives of employees and friends.

Sarif Industries is in the midst of a controversy about the ethics of augments in humans, and is targeted by different radical groups. Now Adam must face more challenges on his way to discover the truth behind these attacks.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The game is a mix of action and RPG, the gameplay is unique and you can select different styles of play. Meaning you can decide if you want to solve a mission with peaceful or aggressive methods, with no deaths or lethal form. Giving the missions more than one way to be executed. In a way the game adapts to you and your style of playing.
There are four game types including Stealth, Combat, Hacking and Social. These different styles are complementary, depending on your choices as you progress in the story.

Stealth: As the Spleen from Mystery Men would say “silent but deadly!”. This is for the gamers that enjoy the Splinter Cell series, hide, move without being seen or noticed by the enemy, and so on. If you decide to play this mode all the way until the end of the game it will be much slower, but this is really well designed, and it feels rewarding to accomplish. There are many things to discover, and only the find in this game mode.

Combat: What many wanted to hear, allows you to play Rambo or Master Chief. Of course you do not have rechargeable shields (that would be very boring), but if your style is to go berserk against the enemies you can do it, be warned ammunition in the game is scarce, you’ll find ammunition and medicines searching the bodies of enemies.

Hacking: It is rather a mini game more than a game mode, you will use plenty to open doors, but also to defuse bombs where there are hostages. (Do not fail like me to deactivate the bomb, poor hostages…) Hacking is fun and you will discover that it does have several applications.

Social: This is part of the open world environment the game offers, depending on how you answer the questions and comments from other characters is how the story and your relationship with these characters will develop along the gameplay. This is important because the game has different endings based on your answers.

A lot of things can be moved in the game, several objects hiding in ventilation ducts through which; you can move and avoid enemies, boxes you can use for cover from gunfire while moving to counter attack, or even find ammunition or healing items at different lockers.
Worth to mention, you can interact with the enviroment and objects around you. Login on personal computers to read e-mails, read books, and even flushing toilets. All this enhancing the open world experience that game has to offer.

TIP: Do not do what I did. Out of curiosity and doing stupid things i threw a carton box to a member of the SWAT team, he reacted by firing his rifle until i died… hahahah, it was quite hilarious!
But if you have to, be my guest and by any means try it. Like me, im sure you will have a good laugh.

You are not limited to a certain type of gameplay, you can pick one of them or have a combination of combat and stealth, and create a unique experience, Deus Ex: Human Revolution gives you that option. Likewise, you decide what augments to improve, this expands the gaming experience in a unique way for each player.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

When you take down an enemy you can drag and hide his body, it’s a bit weird as bodies move in an unnatural way. They’re like human balloons. Although Ragdoll physics in most games are weird, so …

True, the game has some bugs but not really anything to hinder the quality in which they developed the combat and cover system. On the latter we may add that is one of the strong points of the game that really deserves recognition as it’s well executed.

New downloadable content has been announced, “Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link” it’s coming out this october, with new quests, characters and augmentation sets. *does the happy dance!*

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gives the player a unique experience due to the different and varied ways in which you can finish the game, with really cool graphics and a truly good soundtrack that is so worth the listen. All this and the polished gameplay gives a fairly good replay value to this title.
A title that is sure to please fans of the series, a prequel which is undoubtedly an excellent title to enter the world of Deus Ex if you did not play any of the previous games.

As mentioned earlier whether you like to play giving a frontal FPS fight (Halo, Modern Warfare) or furtively (Splinter Cell) this title offers both options in a very balanced way, with a futuristic sci-fi concept that will leave gamers satisfied. Do not miss the opportunity to try a great action game and RPG like Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

We give the game a 9.8 out of 10!

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