Do Not Fall (PS3) Review

Genre: Action
Publisher: XPEC Entertainment Inc.
Platform: PS3
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Price: £7.99/€9.99 (EU) $9.99 (US)

Do Not Fall Logo

Do Not Fall comes to PS3 as a PlayStation Network title, developed and published by XPEC Entertainment. The game arrived on the PSN store on July 23rd. Get ready to face multiplayer and local challenges and see if you have what it takes to beat them all!
The cartoonish look may keep an older audience away from the game, but do not be fooled, this title is not aimed just for an younger audience, it has challenges that will please many fans of the action puzzle genre.

You take control of a cute bunny girl, along with another 6 unlockable characters. You have to run, dash and jump a maze of floating blocks that will crumble as you walk on them. The goal of course is do not fall. You will find yourself collecting keys to unlock doors, bolts and screw nuts.
Bolts and screw nuts are important not only because they let you skip a stage you cannot beat, but also to buy stuff from the shop.
Once you complete the first stage of the game you unlock the shop, which will allow you to buy characters, concept art, videos and things to improve your characters, such as extra lifes and other bonuses. You will need tons of screw nuts for that, so if you are a completionist grinding and replaying some levels is a must.

Do Not Fall

Controls are spot on, responsive and precise. Perfect timing will be crucial to jump or evade spike balls without falling when a block collapses, this may not be appealing for certain people but overall there’s a good balance between controls and challenge.
The game has 8 different stages, each representing a different beverage, including mineral water, milk or green tea among others. When you complete each beverage level you unlock a new bonus challenge, difficult to complete but quite satisfying when you do.

Obstacles are not limited to just spike balls. The enemies and challenges you will face are related to the drink, for example milk has farm animals like chickens and bulls. Green tea has Japanese lamps that once you go through them do not respawn, giving an additional challenge to the levels. Although the basic concept of the game is the same in every stage, each beverage has different mechanics that keep the game fresh and interesting.
Online and local multiplayer modes include: Soccer, Crown Grabber, A Cold Wind Blows, Step On The Floor, Occupy The Base, and Mark The Territory.
Multiplayer is quite fun and remind me of the Mario party games, this looks incredibly fun to play with friends, the objective is to make others fall in the different mini games, the name of these challenges gives you a hint (especially soccer).

Do Not Fall

Only downside i find so far is the lack of Online matches, truly a shame! I spent over 20 minutes trying to host a game, nobody joined the game lobby in that time. Tried to join quick games and there was not a single room found for several tries…

+Diversity and creative levels
+Charming Characters
Online multiplayer was dead at birth

Do Not Fall gameplay is fantastic, extremely fun and addictive with diverse mechanics and creative stages, everyone into platformers will fall in love with. The only factor that really disappoints is Online Mlutiplayer, it’s completely dead.. for a game like this is a real shame and hope this changes and improves with time.

Giving this game a 7 out of 10

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