[closed] Double giveaway: Stardrone & Beyond Good & Evil HD!

Instead of giving away one code i decided to throw in 2 different codes this time. First we have StarDrone, the winner can pick if they want it for the PS3 or the Vita (we have codes for both consoles). Second, a great PS2 game that returned to XBLA with a good HD makeover, Beyond Good & Evil HD!

Please specify in your comment which game you want to win, Stardrone for the PS3/Vita or Beyond Good and Evil HD for XBLA.The day of the giveaway there will be two winners, one for Stardrone and the second for Beyond Good and Evil HD, fair enough?

As usual the competition is easy, 3 ways for you to Enter and Win.

Congratulations to the winners: Grant Lilleston (@Gram_Cracker) wins Beyond Good & Evil HD and @WilliamRLBaker #StarDrone!

Entry 1: Comments
Let us know why you would you like to win, post a comment in this page, simple as that! If you do follow us on Twitter and facebook. Be sure to add that in your comment to give you an extra entry.

Entry 2: Twitter
Follow @animecourtyard and tweet this message:
RT and follow @animecourtyard will #giveaway #stardrone & Beyond Good & Evil HD details at http://bit.ly/IXCD32 #acgiveaway

Entry 3: Facebook
Head on over to www.facebook.com/animecourtyard and be sure to Like us if you havenโ€™t. There will be a competition post โ€œLike itโ€ and that will be a third entry, optional you can make a comment with your twitter name or anything you like.

Rules and Information
– The competition deadline is 08:00:00 GMT wednesday 25th April 2012.
– The winners will be picked at random from all valid entries after the deadline.
– The winners name will be posted after the competition has ended in this competition post. Prize will be sent within 24 hours.
– You may only enter each entry method once.
– Winning a previous competition does not affect your chances of winning again.

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  1. I would like to win Beyond Good & Evil HD because I always wanted to play this game. Also you look amazing in a speedo.

  2. Twitter: @Bramblefang13
    FB: Bramble Fang
    RT: https://twitter.com/#!/Bramblefang13/status/193148145671225344

    I would like to win Good Beyond Evil because I missed out on the game during the past console generation. I was surprised that it had so many good reviews and that I missed out on it back then. Thanks for the contest!

  3. Twitter: @nathmisa
    RT: https://twitter.com/#!/nathmisa/status/193170689728065536
    Cheapassgamer username: Nyxeris

    I would like to win Beyond Good and Evil for XBLA due to my insane love for the game. I was one of the few who bought it back in 2003 in its original release for both the original Xbox and Gamecube (due to losing my Xbox copy) and absolutely loved the endearing storyline, Jade and Pey’J, and the unique gameplay it brought to the table. I honestly thought it was ridiculous it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. I’ve been meaning to play it again after losing my Gamecube copy as well, and would love to experience the adventure all over again in HD glory on my Xbox 360. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  4. Followed as @Gram_Cracker
    FB liked as Grant Lilleston

    I’d like to win because those both look like good games and winning one would be pretty cool.

  5. I’d like to Win Beyond Good and Evil because I passed the game I was at the point where Jade(I think her name was) and the tin man was fighting that spider thing; I just quit since there were other games that had my interest.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Xuang9/status/193242358949744640
    Facebook: Xuang (Michael D.)

  6. I miss Beyond Good & Evil and would love to play it again on XBLA.

    Followed on Twitter and Tweeted the message @DarkHaze5

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Good and Evil HD for XBLA


  8. @Darklurkr23 rt’ed

    FB – Jared Zimmermann

    Thanks for the giveaway guys, I’ve always heard Beyond Good and Evil was a hidden gem of it’s day, and i’d love to play it ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. @suckerpunchrose
    FB- Michael Rose

    awesome contest. In for beyond good and evil. thanks.

  10. Beyond Good and Evil HD for XBLA

    Always wanted to try Beyond Good and Evil, but could never get my hands on it ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks for giving me a chance to finally get it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Followed and tweet’d: lsmonwin
    FB- Leon Mok

  11. i would love the chance to win star drone on ps3 or vita

    fb:chun lau

  12. Beyond Good and Evil HD because I loved the original back when it came out. Followed on Twitter + RT, Liked on FB @rpnguyen, Richard Nguyen

  13. Tweeted as @WargamingDude
    Liked on FB as Lester Ortiz

    Would like Beyond Good & Evil HD

  14. I would like to win Beyond Good & Evil HD because it was one of my favorite (PC) games back in the day and would love to replay it on console in HD!

    Twitter: @SpeedBrkr
    Facebook: Arthur Moy
    Retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/SpeedBrkr/status/193472135266709505

  15. beyond good and evil as i have not had chance to play it and it looks good

  16. I want to win StarDrone for my PS3 because I haven’t used my PS Move in over a year and I won’t use it again until Bioshock Infinite. I already played and beat BG&E back on the original Xbox.

  17. I would like to win Stardrone on PS3 or Vita because only one other person entered for that so far haha
    Twitter @bittripfan
    Facebook John Smith
    Tweet https://twitter.com/#!/bittripfan/status/193826884537167872

  18. I would really like Stardrone since I’m currently in the process of selling video games to keep up on bills and soon will have none except the few I cannot sell like XBLA and psn games.

    Followed on Twitter and retweeted

  19. I’d really like to win so I can play Stardrone on my Vita!

    Thanks for the chance!

    @rogXue on Twitter

    Justin Forsythe on FB
    followed on both

  20. I heard it’s a good game ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Following and tweeted as @iPawn4


    Liked and commented on Facebook as Marc Edward Dalmacio.

    I would like to win the Stardrone Code for my PS Vita since I only have few games on my PS Vita and the game looks great. Thanks.

  22. I would like to win StarDrone because I heard it is awesome.
    Liked & shared on FB as Weihua Fan
    Followed & RT’d as @fanweihua

  23. Sweet, I won. Thanks a ton.


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