Final Fantasy XI – Voidwatch: The Second Chapter

The upcoming version update will feature a new installment of the Voidwatch battle system. That is right fellow adventurers, the second chapter in the recently added Voidwatch battlefields will be released soon, this bring new monsters to defeat and of course new gears for you to glut your already scarse storage (died a bit on the inside) hahaha! The new regions include Jeuno and Zilart.

The Jeuno Region: How to participate?
Players who have completed up to stage four of the San d’Oria/Bastok/Windurst Voidwatch missions and seen the corresponding cutscene may join the operation by speaking to one of the Voidwatch officers stationed in the three nations.

The Zilart Region: How to participate?
Players level 75 and above who possess an Adventurer’s Certificate may join the operation by speaking to the NPC Kieran in Norg (I-8).
*The Zilart Voidwatch operation will be handled by special NPCs in place of the standard Voidwatch Officers.


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