Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Announced plus 2 Trailers TGS 2011

We got new trailers and news about Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Square-Enix, they showed these two spectacular videos on the Tokyo Game Show a few days ago, the Firt titled “Despair” and the second “Promise”. These videos are certainly a delight for fans of the series, and just as you, we hope to see more about the game as it approaches the release date.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Despair:

Square Enix also revealed that Charise will sing the theme song “New World” in the American version of the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Promise:

Last but not least, Square leave us drooling letting us know that there will be DLC for the game, available shortly after launch (thanks Square, we love you!). Not sure what this DLC will include, for sure it will be good, and as soon as we get more information we will elt you guys know.


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