Free Xbox 360 Avatar Items

Hello gaming lovers, usually i’d say there’s nothing better than a whopper with fries and a vanilla milkshake.. but there is and it’s called free stuff, there’s a couple avatar props you can get for free and we decided to share the buy cheap seroquel online information with you so get them while they are hot!

The first 3 codes courtesy of Game Room’s Block Party

Grill Party Prop: 9XBX9-9RCD9-9BCK9-9PRTY-9RCKZ
Female Bing Shirt: VFH6P-9FJKK-KKP9G-H4DRH-WTCFM

not sure how long these will be around so claim these props while you mylan generic klonopin can, now on a side note i really love what they did to promote Bing with this.
When you go to Bing and type in the search “xbox avatar bing shirt” the first result are the codes for the free items, this was original and hopefully will not be the last time they do something like this.

The last code it’s from Metro 2033 (offer expired) and let you unlock a mask from the game, dont be confused as this is not the one you can unlock by pre ordering the game (that one is a gas mask) for this to work you DONT need to buy the game.

1) go to and register a new account (if you have not one yet) it is free, with that done we can continue.
2) Click on register game (again, you dont need to buy it)
3) Select Xbox360 from the drop down menu and then pick Metro 2033
5) It will then ask for rtail code but you dont need to type one, just click NEXT
6) in the next page you will obtain a code to reedem the avatar item, enjoy!

i heard there’s a limit of 20,000 codes but i cant be sure of this so get yours while you can, hope this little post was usefull for you, please share with us in the comments if you get any of the props an your thoughts of the same, keep dreaming!


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