Games to Look for this 2016

Games to Look for this 2016

It is that time of year in which many anticipated videogames are coming out, the hype for some of these titles is pretty high and for good reasons, no questions asked this is the time of the year gamers love the most. So why not a list of the games that we at Anime Courtyard are looking forward? (because nobody does that!) So here we go!

Pokemon Sun and Moon (Release Date November 18, 2016)
the first on the list, because I love everything that relates to Pokemon is of course Pokemon Sun and Moon. As per usual The hype train is coming at full speed with this franchise! We have got leaks and trailers non stop for months showing us not only new Pokemon but the amazing Alola forms, including the amazing Ice form for Vulpix among others. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released in November 2016, and is expected to be one of the big sellers this year and we can’t wait to get our hands on it to enjoy and explore the Alola region. For updates and extra information on this game check IGN.

Final Fantasy XV (Release Date November 29, 2016)
Second on my list without a doubt is the amazing Final Fantasy XV, being a big fan of JRPG’s and an avid player of Final Fantasy XI and XIV this has been on my most wanted list for years. While some call it a boy band simulator or joke about the main protagonist being Sasuke from Naruto *giggles* i am excited for the new combat mechanics, the impressive graphics and the scenery. The game promises a lot and hopefully we will have one of the best games of 2016 with this one, Dont let us down Square Enix! Gamespot got a nice amount of videos you can check, oh man is not November 29 yet? Need my FFXV fix fast!


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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Release Date November 4th, 2016)
Now, while i play CoD occasionally here and there, i am not the biggest fan of the franchise but let’s be fair and honest here, when they showed a trailer, a space combat game last E3 everyone was impressed by the combat mechanics, then at the end of the trailer they shows us “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ” and many of us was there thinking “omg that was the new Call of Duty?! Geez, maybe the hate is uncalled for, that looked really nice” for that reason is one of the games i am looking for this year, Trying to judge the game after i play it, not jumping in the CoD hate bandwagon.

Battlefield 1 (Release Date October 21, 2016)
Next on the list is Battlefield 1, the beta is simply amazing, can’t get enough of it. Many wanted to go back in time and not to a futuristic and not sci-fi universe like CoD has been doing for the last 3 or 4 games. Funny enough was DICE and not Infinite Ward the ones answering the call of the fans. Only DICE could make WWI this kind of amazing and yeah no questions asked this will be a top seller for sure.

Gears of War 4 (Release Date October 11, 2016)
Last but not least the Xbox One and Windows 10 are getting some love too. The awaited sequel for Gears of Wars is coming and can/t wait to play it myself, sure thing, dissapointed we cant play as Marcus Fenix but alas, we can’t have it all don’t we? Hoping the Windows 10 release wont be a mess like Quantum Break, we can only hope. Yet, excited to get back to one of my all time favorite videogame franchises.

So tell me, do you agree with this list? looking forward to hear what are your most awaited games of the year and possible top sellers this year. Keep gaming, keep dreaming!

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