[Giveaway] Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Prize Pack

[Giveaway] Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Prize Pack

Hello, how was christmas for you, a lot of gifts? I hope so, but there’s still more gifts for all of you. If like me you are an Star Wars fan you will love this. Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Bluray is out now and to celebrate we have an awesome Prize Pack for five lucky winners! A fan will obtain this Star Wars Prize Pack:

    • Talking Yoda Flashlight
  • unnamed

    • Yoda Lightsaber
  • unnamed (1)

    • Star Wars Stormtrooper Bop Game
  • unnamed (2)

    • Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Blu-ray
  • unnamed (3)

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Rules and Information
    – The winners will be picked at random from all valid entries after the deadline.
    – The winners name will be posted after the competition has ended in this competition post.
    – You may only enter each entry method once (unless stated).
    – Winning a previous competition does not affect your chances of winning again.
    Open to USA and Canada only


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    1. I’d like to win it and I love the Star Wars stuff.

    2. I love Star Wars because it’s an awesome universe with lots of cool things and awesome characters. I became a fan when I was about 4 years old and my Mom showed me Episode IV A New Hope ever since then I was hooked on anything Star Wars related.

    3. I grew up with star wars. Seen almost all movies in the theater when they were released. Been to a few pre releases as well

    4. I love Star Wars because of the cool planets, excellent story, great characters and the fighting. I became a fan when I watched the first movie (ep 4) at my cousins house as a kid.

    5. I like love Star Wars for the same reason everyone does, probably. Interesting universe, fun stories, neat characters. It’s got it all.

      (And while I’m entering contests I might as well pimp out Cheap Shark to get more entries there, too.)

    6. The world of Star Wars and lightsabers in general made me a fan. Also the characters.

    7. The visuals, the wonderful characters, the amazing stories, the use of the force, and of course lightsabers! What’s not to love about Star Wars?!?!?!

    8. Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. My father took in 1977 at the age of four. The original Star Wars was so far ahead of its predecessors, revolutionary in its depth of characters and story line.

    9. For a full day I can get lost in a world we all dream we could live one day… That’s why I’m a fan

    10. Darth Vader and Lightsabers made me a fan, two of the most awesomes things in Scfi.

    11. great movie

    12. Watching is as a child and the older I got falling in love with the lore of then universe!

    13. lightsabers

    14. Love Star Wars. Now my kids are into it too.
      Its timeless. And can be enjoyed no matter the age.

    15. I grew up watching the movies with my dad. I loved the adventure and fantasy of it. It was the first movie I could quote lines from.

    16. I love Star Wars because of the epic story and world. Dont remember how I first became a fan, I’ve just always loved it since I can remember.

    17. Thanks you


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