Gun Wing Demo Review (PC)

Hello gaming lovers, this is the very first review for our new blog, it’s a game called Gun Wing developed by Binary Sun for the PC, i am a huge fan of retro gaming (games like legendary wings or the awesome Raiden) and when i started to play the demo a lot of nostalgia kicked in as the new gaming systems dont have much but FPS games (hey, nothing bad with them but is not my favorite genre)

gunwing title

The game has two modes of play, Normal and Onslaught, normal don’t give you much of a storyline, on this topic i should say i wish there was more of it as a good storyline is always enjoyable, but this dont undermine the gameplay value at all.

Normal Mode: this mode follows a storyline (as i said it could be better) you have 3 lives and weapons power up as you advance more in the game by filling the gauge as you kill enemies,  a shield also protect you from bullets for a short period of time so you cant abuse (if i could suggest something i would like to have in the game different types of shield you could use, aka reflecting bullets, etc)

gunwing 3

Onslaught Mode: this is a survival mode, waves after waves of alien ships and just one live, you die you lose.. i love this as it really make you do an effor to get a good score and adds challenge to the game, if you remain alive, onslaught never ends.


The game has 4 difficulty levels ranging from Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme, this makes the game enjoyable for both the casual gamer (or small kids) to hardcore gamers searching something challenging to play with.

From the beginning the graphics gave me a Geometry Wars dejavu which i must say is a style i liked, the tunes of the BGM’s are excelent (at least for the levels i could play) music is good and catchy and make you enjoy the game even more.

To control your ship you can use keyboard and/or mouse, personally i like to move the ship with the mouse and fire using the space bar, moving the ship with the mouse is much smoother than using the arrow keys

If there was something to improve in this game i would like a storyline, but besides a storyline i would love if there was a server to submit your gamerscore to a website, would make give another incentive (specially for Onslaught).

If you like shooter games with nice graphics and cool music try it, you can find the demo by going to their website at

you can also find this review in the Anime Courtyard boards, Thanks for reading and keep gaming!


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