Halo Reach – Birth of a Spartan Live Action Short Premiers April 27

Yup that’s right folks, tomorrow if you live in the buy adderall ireland UK or the US get ready to watch the new live action short for the upcoming game Halo Reach, get up early at 5AM GMT for the premiere, dont worry if you miss it, it will be on the internet and Xbox Live as well.

Carter 259 - Noble Team

“Birth of a Spartan” will give us the chance to see the story of the captain of the Noble Team Carter 259 and how he was trained and later on how he did become a spartan soldier.

The short was directed by Noam Murro which works include “Smart People” (2008) a comedy/drama film and and several award-winning ad spots for Toshiba, Saturn, Volkswagen among others.

Director: Noam Murro

Bungie has been delightful with the Halo ads before, the Halo 3 Diorama, the Halo ODST and so on, i hope this new ad to be as good as previous ads, personally i am excited to see this tomorrow and i know i am not the only one, until next time, keep dreaming!

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