Heads up! some news before christmas

hello there anime lovers, hope you have happy holidays! excited about some changes to come, hirvine is working hard in our lyrics database and i hope we can have it open to the public next month (whips hirvine, work slave work!)

reviews? yes we have a bunch under the work now, but first an apology, i had to replace pc parts and was forced to stay away of the interweb for over a week delaying reviews like Monday Night Combat, for that i trully sorry! 🙁
so upcoming reviews:

  • Monday Night Combat (xbla)
    A World of Keflings (xbla)
    Ilomilo (xbla)
    and more…!

  • New website? yes!
    Anime Courtyard will have a sister website oriented to gaming (by the most part) and Anime Courtyard will be focused into anime and manga, so videogame reviews will be ported and posted in our new website soon, we are hoping to bring much more for you the next year.

    Wait, what about the contest? oh yes we are working some ideas and gathering stuff to giveaway, be sure to follow us on twitter and join out facebook page to get the latest news about our contests!

    follow me on twittah!

    Self proclaimed Anime Courtyard mad scientist. Cat person and anime lover. Hobbies include drawing, videogames and saving this realm from alien invaders.

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