Heroes of the Storm Preview

Heroes of the Storm Preview


I was lucky enough to become a part of the Alpha for Heroes of the Storm. This is Blizzards attempt to create a MOBA. It is quite funny to see Blizzard creating their own MOBA since they created Warcraft III, the game that paved the way for the popular custom game DOTA to be possible.

After years of the success of MOBAs Blizzard has decided to create a their own dedicated game for this popular genre. I have to say that this game is definently worth looking into for many reasons. The best is that this is by far the easiest of all the MOBAs including League of Legends to get into.

You will battle with other players against a team of other players with famous Blizzard characters. You will be able to play as Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Malfurion Stormrage, and even the Dark Lord of Terror Diablo. All the Blizzard franchises are represented and it is a blast to see all your favorite heroes battling each other.


There are multiple different maps that play out quite differently. While they all have the objective of destroying the opponents Nexus, how you get to do that differs greatly. Each map has different objectives that when achieved will greatly improve teams ability to win. Achieving these objectives can result in spawning a powerful boss for your side, a curse to disable all your opponents towers, or turn your hero into a powerful monster.

This game is built from the ground up to be very accessible to those that have not played any MOBAs before. Many of the complicated systems that a new player would fine extremely confusing such as items. Instead are clear easy choices to advance your hero.

Though just because there are fewer choices to customize your character as you progress through a match does not mean there is less depth. As you level you will be able to pick between 2 and 4 different talents all having significant improvements to your hero. All the choices are also good for your character and just depend on the situation and your play style.


The easy point of entry is also due to the focus on teamwork and short games. This is a team focused game and it is even built into the reward systems. Support characters won’t have to worry about holding back. In the event that your team does lose getting in another game will be quite quick since most games only last 20 minutes. More than enough time to give you great practice but for those bad matches they will end swiftly.

Though I am very biased since I have been playing MOBAs since they were popularized through DOTA on Warcraft III I can say if there is any MOBA I introduce to my friends it will be Heroes of the Storm first. It has that Blizzard easy to learn and hard to master philosophy. Though it is just in Alpha I can see it having a lot of depth in the future.


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