Hyperkin RetroN5 Release Date December 10th for $99.95

Hyperkin RetroN5 Release Date December 10th for $99.95

Finally we got a release date for the amazing and long awaited Retron5 by Hyperkin. Yes, get ready to own one of these the next december 10th! Will be a sweet christmass for the fans of Hyperkin and retro gaming all over the world.

The console was supposed to have an october release but due to changes for better ventilation and some extra modification the release of the console was changed. In the end this will benefit us all, more features and a better product for us, the gamers.


Part of the new modifications include support for the Sega Power Base Converter, letting you play Master System cartridges on the console. So that’s another console that will be supported (in case you didn’t had enough with 5 consoles)

retron5 2

If like me you love retro gaming, be sure to follow them on twitter and support Hyperkin!

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