Ilomilo XBLA Review

You can find a lot of shiny rocks in the xbla marketplace but is not often a diamond like this appears among them, addictive, challenging and charming, that is Ilomilo by SouthEnd Interactive. Third game in the “Games for the Holidays” from Microsoft is a game both, adults and children can enjoy.

Ilo and Milo have a great friendship and love to met and drink tea in the park in a daily basis, but every morning the shape of the park seems to be different or it is them having bad memory? the park is this maze of blocks and you must help them.
the story of the game is short but is so charming you really don’t mind as it’s all about nice gameplay, there’s around 50 levels in the game including the bonus levels, you can find collectibles all over the mazes, kafkas, photos and records in each level.

Photos help to unlock images in the gallery and memories from Ilo and Milo as you progress thru the many mazes, and the records unlock the many BGM’s from the game.

Colorful scenery complement the gameplay

The puzzles go from easy to really complex and challenging mazes as you advance in the game, and most likely why some people find them frustating, personally i have not feel frustrated by these mazes, more than once i notice i finish and missed to get a photo, record or even a kafka but i really enjoy to return and see what i did wrong and why not, improve a little bit my score.

The art style in Ilomilo is something i cant describe but as delightful and charming (yeah im using that buy ultram india word a lot, but believe me, it is charming!) the backgrounds around the maze are very creative, that along the music make the gampleplay relaxing and enjoyable, something good as some of the complex levels (as stated before) can be frustrating for some players, it is a very nice mix of elements if you ask me.

The way gravity change and how you use the cubes to move along the maze is creative and original, makes the game truly interesting. Oh and there’s a cameos in this title that will put a smile in your face.

Puzzles are complex as you advance

You can Co-op with a friend but sadly there is not online multiplayer via xbox live, this is a shame as you cant get a friend to play with you all the time, a bit of a letdown must be honest.

You can obtain 2 avatar rewards by playing the game, one is a shirt that meh is not to special.. it is ok, and if you like props get ready to have Ilo and Milo next to your avatar and this in special is one of the cutest rewards i have seen (aside from my Chocobo pet) and my favorite so far.

and if you unlocked achievements in both A World of Keflings and Raskulls you can unlock costumes Ilo and Milo wear in-game, i cant but love some of the costumes, like the witch from A World of Keflings or Dragon from Raskulls just to name a few, there are many costumes to pick from.

Help Ilo and Milo find their way in the maze

If solving puzzles through mazes is not your kind of genre Ilomilo may be frustrating for you, Ilomilo may look cute and childish at first but can be challenging and entertainment, people of all ages can enjoy it, so don’t be mislead by thinking it is a game without much to offer, there are many hours of fun in this game, this title offer a nice gampleay value and is worth 800 Microsoft Points, specially if you enjoy puzzle games, kudos SouthEnd Interactive for such a nice game!

We give the game a 9 out of 10

Ilo and Milo


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