Indie Game: The movie Review

Indie Game: The Movie is a project that gives a spotlight and a very well earned recognition to independent (indie) developers around the globe. The movie focus and features 3 indie games that now are very well known among the gaming community; Super Meat Boy by Edmun McMillen and Tommy Refenes. Fez by Phil Fish and Renaud Bedard and the highly acclaimed Braid by Johnatan Blow.
This is a movie in which even if other games are not present, if you are a fan that aspires to work in the industry or are already a developer working in a project, you feel inspired and motivated by it and the stories that are included in the film.

Indie Game: The Movie

Their origin and how they did become gamers, inspirations, aspirations and frustations over the years working in their projects, putting all their hopes, effort and sometimes every penny in their pocket, is truly a documentary that will keep you interested from start to finish.
Something I loved of this film is how it portrays the developers of the games we play and love, as a gamer you feel immersed and identify with them. One thing is to read articles and interviews, how it’s how hard is to get an indie game out with a small to really a non existent budget, but visuals tend to be a thousand times better than any article you can read on the web, especially when it comes out of of the developers themselves and you can see their faces and those expressions of sadness with a tear about to drop, or a smile that you can see the total joy in the face of people is a unique experience.
Although i love the games and stories in the film, i wish there was more, feels like a lot of people into indie games were left out and deserved more time in the movie or at least an appearance, was cool to see the developer of The World of Goo. So somehow, i really wish there was more games and developers having a mention in this movie.

Indie Game: The Movie

Also if you allow me to say it, this film also shows us all the love and commitment people put in these games, the quality of gameplay some of these indie games offer. They show amazing creativity and replay value over AAA titles from big companies, that often end in Ebay or the used section of many game stores because people get bored and tired of the poor and generic content of the same.
Meanwhile a lot of indie games developed with love, sweat and blood can be revisited time after time because people devoted years of their lifes to release a quality product.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie was a real blast and I will recommend gamers and aspiring developers alike to check it out, it’s a film everyone into videogames has to watch, heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time.
Be sure to support the guys and buy this film really, maybe if they get enough attention and sales we can see a sequel and enjoy more stories from developers. Which I’m sure a lot of people out there would like to talk of their experiences. You can get this as a Digital Download in Steam and coming soon on Bluray and DVD, for more information head over at and support the project. Thanks for reading!


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