Insurgency Preview

Insurgency Preview

insurgency2Insurgency is a realistic tactical shooter that emphasizes being careful and deadly. This first-person shooter is all about close quarter tactics just as you can imagine from a game named Insurgency. Expect intense action where each bullet can kill you and if you don’t think you will be dead before you realize it.

Currently in its early access players can buy the game now while it is still being developed and your input will help shape the game. If you buy now you will not have to pay extra when the game is officially released plus you will have all future DLC content included also.

This game is extremely tactical with bullets being extremely powerful like their real life counterpart. That what makes for a much more realistic and tactical gameplay style.  If you die it might be a long while till you respawn depending on the gameplay mode you are playing so it really pays off to be aware and skilled.

The gameplay is designed around realism but not crippled by it.  You have a very limited HUD but there is still one to give only the most important information.  If you don’t reload you can find yourself out of bullets and the weapon won’t fire but you don’t have to worry about jamming.  It is the right balance between being realistic so you have to think and work as a team but also fun.  

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Firefights will leave you scared hearing gunfire no matter how far away.  Whenever I heard gunshots I immediately checked my surroundings to make sure it wasn’t directed at me or my allies..  In fact one time after nearly getting shot by an enemy in my state of fear I turned the corner and accidentally shot my teammate.

They have a saying in the US military. “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”  In real combat you are always being as careful as you can which in turns makes you move fast since if you are shot than you are moving even slower.  This is very true since when I played my first round I was dead in just a couple seconds and waiting until my team captured another point.

The realism to the game adds a layer of immersion to the game.  Being shot at blurs your vision and slowly moving your hips to get a better view makes all the difference.  While the graphics aren’t mind blowing by any measure the effects added to the game still draw you in.  One   firefight left so much clouds of dust accumulating that I didn’t even shot since I had no idea who was friend or foe.

Caution can lead to high level thinking and tactical fun.  If you run and gun you will be out of play for most of the round.  This pushes you towards slowly looking around each corner and moving in groups.  Since firefights can end so quickly coordinating with your team it is important to work together but can also be extremely fun.  Since the difficulty of the game is hard the successes feel so much more satisfying

Don’t get me wrong I still love my mindless run and gun games.  Call of Duty will still offer me that but it still great to try other shooters that are tactically extremely different.  This style of action isn’t for everyone but for those that like a shooter that gives the advantage to the player that can out think their opponent than this might be right up your alley.          

Online matches offer various gameplay modes.  When entering a match you pick what role you want to play.  There are a set amount of roles to make sure each team is balanced to the certain map.  There are different maps available all offering changes in your decisions.  My favorite was Contact which was actually had really dark shadows where enemies could easily hide in.  

There is a robust Co-op mode where you face off against bots which is appreciated since the game is still in its early release.  Sometimes it can be hard finding players during certain times during the week.  So even having four people can be enough to have a fun match against endless waves of enemies.    

For a game still in development this game has a lot of potential so I am quite excited.  Though I have always loved strategically thinking games like Starcraft and Brigandine so this might not be for all first person shooters.  Those that do like careful thinking combined with intense action should give this game a try.    

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