Kämpfer Episode 7: After Thoughts


Okay, after watching Kämpfer eps. 7, my thoughts have changed a little on the show. Let me just say after watching the first 6 episodes, I couldn’t really get a grasp of a possible plot, other than it being Guy can turn into a Kämpfer that so happens to have to be a girl, guy’s crush falls for the female self, and it’s almost borderline hentai/yuri/harem fun fun with some action-type school life yatta! So yea, there were some perk-ups of possible plot that have come up, but nothing major. So in episode 7, the girls spend a day at Rank… er… I mean Sakura’s house with all the Entrails Animals. Right right, fun fun. They start with a plotted game by Ranka… I mean Sakura so she can get the chance to “kiss” Natsuru, which fails epically, and she never gets the chance. After so, she proceeds to show off her Entrails Animals collection to the girls, which I find myself to be rather disturbing that she has such a collection… but none-the-less. After so, Natsuru’s childhood friend Mikoto drops by after searching the entire country for Natsuru, just to bring him/her some curry. So during dinner, the point of the evening is brought to light to Akane that Natsuru promised Ranka… Sakura that she/he/it/ugh would spend the night there, and she’s not very happy about it. During which Shizuku proceeds to dump curry on Natsuru’s head, forcing her to take a shower, to Sakura’s enjoyment. As Natsuru prepares for the shower, he realizes he had never taken a shower in his female form, and becomes rather embarrassed, and also the fact that Sakura keeps trying to peak in on him/her to maybe catch her naked. After finally deciding to get in the shower as his female self… he realizes just how big of buy cheap gabapentin online boobs he has as his female self. Don’t know why this is so relevant, or why it took him that long to realize it… but they made a point to make sure you know. During the middle of his/her shower, sakura decides to sneak in and prepares to undress, where as she’s interrupted by Akane and explains that she’s just going to wash Natsuru’s back. Not happy with this Akane tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail as Sakura really plans to do it. In the middle of their little arguement, Mikoto jumps in prepared to do the “dirty work” as she really wants to get a peak at Natsuru’s “huge tits.” Yet again they make that an emphasis. After all that, the plan is for bed, where there are futons set up, and another argument starts as to who would sleep next to Natsuru. In the end, Natsuru ends up sleeping, alone in the Entrails Animals room… talk about disturbing… In the process of trying to fall asleep, Natsuru starts thinking about “how cute” Sakura was all throughout the day, and transforms back into a boy. In the middle of his little panic, enters Sakura to sneak into his futon. As he tries to distance himself from her so she doesn’t find out about him being a male at that time, she decides to be a little forceful.


As she begins to really feel him, she doesn’t notice I guess when she around his crotch, but she notices the shorter hair, and is a little confused. Then enters the queen of vulgairty, Hocchan (Akane)!


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch Toradora! and think of Minorin the same again thanks to Horie Yui’s role in Kämpfer. I kid. But yes, very vulgar, very violent. Then enters the possible lead to a plot! A white bracelet Kämpfer bust through the window, trying to fight Natsuru and Akane, but is ran off by Shizuku. After all that, the episode is pretty much over, and we buy ventolin inhaler amazon are left to ponder what is to come, as the episode 8 preview really doesn’t display anything concerning this white Kämpfer… just that there’s going to be another date. Oh boy! . . . I want some plot action. Don’t get me wrong, the series cracks me up, probably more so from how far out there it is, but none-the-less, I still really enjoy it, and hoe to see some more plot development that could be there.
Thanks for reading!

i decided to play Final Fantasy 14 ever single day after work, never did anything to make my ideas work, instead i complained and sulked while i played MMORPG's every single day (up to this day!). One time i preordered 1000usd in anime figures i could not pay, don't be like me kids. 'lead follow or step aside not sure!'


  1. I liked the way kampfer started, but then it got a little weak in episodes 3 4 and 5 with the whole culture festival going on…it felt like it all was a filler….but it wasn’t.
    the manga is a little more exciting to read, as it has a few couple differences.
    but like you said, after ep 7 it all got exciting. ep 8 was fun, it made fall in love with shizuku……san…. : )

    I haven’t seen past ep 10 but I’m looking forward to what’ll happen now that red and blue are fighting 2gether

    good job with the review!

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