Knockoff of Plants vs. Zombies, curse you villain!

Well the world is a mean place but some people really have no shame at all, i think it’s the case of the new Knockoff of Plants vs. Zombies from ShunXiang Technology, this “new” game was announced just days ago in Guangzhou China.
I could not believe when i looked the pictures, it’s a total ripoff including artwork, gameplay, etc. Not even a different name, but we all know is not the first or the last time we will see something like this coming from china.

Really guys, not even changing the name? shame on you!

Aparently it’s a carbon copy of the game, except this is a 4 players arcade game, still trully regretable to see something like this to happen.

From concept art to gameplay, a total ripoff!

I think Popcap must find words of encouragement, pirates dont knockoff crap, proof that Plants vs Zombies is a great game, nonetheless things like this should not happen. Only thing left to say to pirates is….

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