Madoka Magica Episodes 11-12 to Air April 21, 2011.

As confirmed on the Madoka Magica twitter April 10th, the final 2 episodes of the dark themed magical girl show, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” will both air together first on MBS, and then later episodes 10-12 on TBS. Following the initial air date, episodes 10-12 will again be aired together, but on CBC. I’m looking forward to the conclusion to what has become, in my mind, a redefining series for the magical girl genre. I would like it to end in a nice, warm manner… but at the same time would like it to carry through to the end as a dark series.

From @Madoka_Magica
MBS:4/21(木) 26:40~ ※第11話・第12話連続放送
TBS:4/21(木) 27:00~、CBC:4/24(日) 26:45~ ※第10話・第11話・第12話連続放送  #madoka_magica”

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