Mamorukun Curse! Review

Mamorukun Curse! Review


Developer: G.rev
Publisher: UFO Interactive Games
Platforms: Arcade, Xbox 360, PS3
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

Mamorukun Curse! is a arcade style shoot em up with anime inspired art.This game has you using spirit powers to defeat ghosts in the netherworld. Mamorukun Curse! offers a change to the usual spaceships with a more colorful rendition of an arcade shoot em up filled with adorable kids trying to save the netherworld.


The story of the game has you had a kid that has just been killed and revived as a spirit who now need to save the netherworld. Beyond that I couldn’t really tell you much more. It is what you expect from anime inspired game, over the top ridiculousness.

The game focuses more on being a refined shooter than telling a story. You can go and play the story mode without having any idea what is going on like I did while still fully enjoying blowing up your enemies with your spirit beams.



If you are great at arcade shooters then you will feel right at home with Mamorukun Curse! There will be insane levels with tons of beams shooting at you and on wrong inch will mean death, well whatever death is is ghosts.

You will be able to choose from different characters which all have different ways of shooting. Some will have a wide range shot while others will have shots that are great at homing onto your enemies. You will pick three characters to make up your team. You can switch between your team members during the level but if you also risk losing them if they get hit by an enemy attack.

One of the game special tactics revolves around knowing when to use your curse abilities. You can curse your enemies to slow them down and  receive bonuses that you gain after defeating them, but it will also increase the power of your enemies. You can also curse yourself to give yourself extra power at the cost of receiving less points of your defeated foe.

This game has a hard difficulty curve with not a lot of great explanation. The first level itself had me stuck on it a lot longer than I thought, but that is because I am horrible at arcade shooters. Even Super Stardust HD had me unable to defeat it in general I am just bad at arcade shooters. The trial by error learning method works for arcade shooters, but Mamorukun has just a little too much deep gameplay thrown at you for inexperienced players like myself.

For arcade shoot em ups this game gives a good amount of depth and challenge for its value. You will be tested on your ability to kill your enemies, knowing when to use your abilities, and dodging like crazy from all of the enemy attacks.



The graphics for Mamorukun Curse! aren’t that great looking, but it’s art style is absolutely adorable. All these adorable characters don’t look like they just died, but they sure are enjoying the afterlife. Who can blame them when they get to continue have fun blowing up enemies and saving your new home.

Though make no mistake this game is not that good looking. The graphical effects can sometime be too much and cause the game to slow down which for a game where every millisecond matters does affect the gameplay.

Though the game does a good job of translating the adorable artwork into the levels with colorful explosions. It just won’t be the greatest looking bright explosions you have seen in video game. It still a nice change of pace compared to other art styles of arcade shoot em ups.



All the voice acting is in Japanese with english subtitles. So that already might turn some people off, but myself having watched a ton of anime I can say the voice acting works. Keep in mind I don’t know any Japanese though.

The light hearted music fits the carefree style of the game. You will enjoy the sounds of blasting through enemies while listening to music that makes you forget that you’re dead. The characters will say outbursts in Japanese throughout the level too, but if you don’t speak Japanese you will have no idea what it is saying.



The game is built for a niche audience so many will not enjoy this game. If you like arcade shooters then you might like this game, but can be turned off by the art style of the game. Anime heavily influences the style of the game and not everybody likes Anime.

Those that like Anime might not be very much into arcade shooters. While arcade shooters are easy to pick up for many, Maroruken has a little more depth that might prove difficult for beginners before they can even get used to the system. If you are into cute anime and think this game will be easy you will be sorely mistaken.


– Good amount of depth
– Challenging
– Adorable


– Huge learning curve
– Outdated graphics
– Not English friendly


Mamoruken Curse! provides a challenging adorable shooter for those that want play an arcade shooter without actually having to leave the house to go to an arcade, specifically Japan since this is probably where this arcade game exists. If you love anime and arcade shoot em ups then you should give this game a try.

7 out of 10

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