Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo on PSP2 (NGP)

Kojima presented a demo of MGS4 on the PSP2 (NGP) leaving a lot of us drooling, this has already caused a big hype and controversy and people saying it’s a fake video and not how it will looks like in the portable.
Honestly i dont doubt it’s a real demo (may buy xanax melbourne be wrong, heh) but the PSP was a true power horse back in the day and i think the PSP2 (or NGP) will be one as well, so im sure graphics will be something to look for.

Snake: hey son where's my cane? (careful he still kick ass!)

And here is the jaw dropping video from the NGP presentation, said by kojima we will be able to play in our PS3, take the MGS4 in our NGP and play on the go, go back at home and continue in our PS3, this alone sounds amazing and im looking forward to it:

We cant but wait and see the final version of this Metal Gear Solid game for the NGP when it comes out, im sure it will be a pleasant experience and something the fans of the saga will enjoy, also waiting to see more of Konami’s line up for this new portable.


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