Monday Night Combat XBLA Review

This is the Greatest Night in the History of our Sport and is not Lingerie Football, it is Monday Night Combat!! One of the best games to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace in 2010, must be honest and my first impression was “hmm, art resemble Team Fortress 2 a lot” and by commenting this with friends they agreed, of course nothing bad with that and similatiries are just in the art not really the gameplay which is different and extremely fun!

Are you ready to rumb... er for Monday Night Combat?!

In the future sports has changed a lot and one of the most popular games is Monday Night Combat, a lethal sport in which clones (aka you) fight against hordes of robots, the goal is to fight for money, fame and endorsements, and really that’s it.. not much of a story but you don’t need it, the gameplay and the different modes will keep you hooked to the game for a long time.

Game Modes
Blitz: this mode let you play single or Co-op with up to 4 players over xbox live, the objective is simple but extremely addicting and fun, Defend the Moneyball surviving waves of Robots, you can build towers to help you in the task including Lasers, rocket launchers and more.

The mascot will jump in and is time to give him a nice bullet shower, this will make you earn cash you can use to upgrade skills, towers and power ups for your character, so you can earn a better score in the end of the matches, just be careful not to get close or you will get a can of whoopass!

Dont get cocky, time for a can of whoopass!

This mode is my personal favorite, im a huge fan of tower defense games and this mode have a mix of tower defense/survival i enjoy a lot, specially playing in Co-op is a lot of fun.

Crossfire: the closest comparison would be Capture the flag, the objective is to reach the enemy base and Destroy their moneyball, it is not an easy feat and you need to know how to play your class, running and shooting without knowing what you do turn you into an easy target and a chore for your team.

here, both robots and players of the enemy team with try to destroy your Moneyball, you can build defenses just like in Blitz and teamwork is also a key to win.

All the classes if played properly can be good, i find snipers and assassins the best classes for this mode , often i find (and hate) how snipers have the best spots and can kill you just a bit after you leave the spawn point, snipers are kings!

Some of the classes here: Support, Tank, Assault, Gunner

as you earn money you can unlock custom characters among other things, but right now i will focus in the 6 classes you can pick from

Assault: this could be the “jack of all trades” as is a balanced character to learn the basics of the game but really no special abilities compared to the other classes in the game.

Sniper: a very resourceful class, of course if your aim is bad (like me) stay away from it, excellent for one shot kills in crossfire and very useful to lay traps helping defend the moneyball, not much firepower but this is not a class to play hero with, strategy and good use of traps is the key to master this class.

Support: not a class designed to be in the frontlines but amazingly good supporting your teammates, can repair towers and provide extra power to the other classes, do not recommend it for single player mode but an awesome asset in every co-op match! this class can be the difference between victory or defeat in a match.

Gunner: the best firepower in the game, usually my second choice when it come to pick a class, bulky and big as a tank but very squishy with a weak armor so is like a hit and run sometimes, his secondary weapon the mortar is excellent to kill some of the toughest bots in the game.

Assassin: the best class for close combat melee fight in the game, probably the best in crossfire to infiltrate the enemy base with their cloaking, this class make use of daggers and shuriken unlike the rest, versatile and fun to class to play with.

Tank: this is the class that can withstand a huge amount of punishment (name says it all) and have after gunner a nice fire power (probably second in firepower) and my primary choice when i go for single player and co-op (yeah you got me is my favorite class, ghehe!)

Assassin: silent and deadly! (no, is not the spleen from mystery men!)

The game give you 2 avatar rewards including a Mascot Mask and Monday Night Combat T-Shirt but that is not all, Spunky Cola Special Free DLC offers the players new arenas for Blitz and Crossfire, a new Blitz mode and more, you can check their blog for all the details here.

Monday Night combat is a game that will hook you up instantly with his addictive and frantic action and you will keep coming back for more, announcers add nice and funny comments giving the game a nice buy synthroid australia comedy touch, classes offer variety and different game styles for everyone keeping the game fresh.

For 1200 Microsoft Points is a good title, nice DLC and nice online community with a promising long life span, definitely is worth. Mickey would you like to say something to our readers?

Mickey Cantor: yes thanks Mario, this review was bought to you by LaseRazor the official combat shaver of Monday Night Combat, until next time!!

We give it a 8.7 out of 10

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