New Gintama x EXILIM camera

The company Casio released a new Gintama x EXILIM camera that will make more than one Gintama fan jaw drop, yelling “i want one!” I personally love the idea and if i could, i’d order one for myself *heart beat* doki doki!

Gintama x EXILIM camera

These digital cameras record video and take still images, so what makes these so special you ask? You can take pictures with your favorite characters from the anime. These cameras are highly popular in Japan and this is one of many released in the market, previously a Naruto and Lucky Star model was released. (Someone get me the Lucky Star please!).

So if you happen to live in Japan or plan to visit the country and have extra 29.800 yen, you can be one of the lucky otaku to own one.

Here we add images of the Naruto and Lucky star digital cameras. Enjoy!

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