Nintendo Direct News 11.13.13

Nintendo Direct News 11.13.13

So, we had a new Nintendo Direct today, some cool news and updates coming to the Nintendo consoles, overall good stuff for the fans! Reggie showed us the new Legend of Zelda bundle that looks fantastic!

Fans of the Zelda franchise will definitely love the new features and additions to this awesome remake. Including cameos and references to other games such as Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. Must say i am not a fan of the Streetpass features. If you live outside the usa you know what i mean, impossible to find people to get content for these features.

Some gameplay and trailers for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Story and the amazing Bravely Default was shown, so RPG fans rejoice because is coming to america this 2014 and looks impressive!
A nice slideshow full of indies that will be released for the 3DS and the WiiU was shown, i love indie games and this makes me happy.

If you enjoy to play and visit Animal Crossing Plaza and Mii Universe, updates for these applications are coming, including stamps and other features. Youtube is coming to the Nintendo 3DS at the end of the month. I am glad we will have a new Youtube app for the handheld, we needed this long time ago!

Finally something a lot of us has been asking for a long time, real accounts, Nintendo Network ID’s are coming, you can link your 3DS and WiiU and keep track of your downloads, purchases and what not. I truly hope this will work like PSN and XBL accounts, nintendo is moving in the right direction if this is how the new ID’s will work from now on.

Finally, the new Super Mario World 3d with 10 new features including Rosalina, a 5th playable character from Mario Galaxy. I loved some of these features specially the addition of the very first Mario Bros game from the NES era, something that will please old fans of the Nintendo consoles.
Spend a nice amount of my childhood playing that game, was a nice surprise to see that. Nintendo knows how to how to please their fans sometimes, kudos to you!

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