No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Review

Konami brings to our consoles the sequel to the popular No More Heroes. Originally released for the Nintendo Wii, this fantastic game returns to the Playstation 3 as No More Heroes ‘ Heroes Paradise. Taking advantage of the ps3 capabilities the title has had a graphics overhaul and looks stunning.. and hey, nothing beats slicing enemies in two in HD.
An eclectic mix of pixels and 3d, a good deal of blood and humor throughout the game, surreal characters, all this and more offers this striking title!

Travis Touchdown is an assassin, pro wrestler and of course a otaku loving anime and everything moe, but really, who doesnt? Travis must face the challenges to become the number one assassin in the UAA (United Assassin Association) by defeating the top 10 assassins, (not an easy feat!) but with the motivation of like doing it with a girl who can fail?

The concept of the game is not deep but it will make you laugh a lot, the comical humor is a perfect match for the gore and blood. Oh yes, rejoice… the blood was not censured.

Fight against strong bosses

The game is a hack and slash. If you played the Wii version, you know the jazz, and what you will have in your arsenal. You can play with the Move or with your Dual Shock.
Travis can use wrestling moves and of course his beam katana. Initially you only have your beam katana to fight, and you must unlock your wrestler techniques as you kill the bosses.

Enemies can cover and block your attacks, you must learn to use your beam katana to unleash a devastating attack. You can use high and low attacks, learn how to stun your enemies and using a powerful attack can give you extra bonuses.

With an open world style you explore the city of Santa Destroy on your titanic Schpeltiger II. Among the different things you find in the city there is; a clothing store to change the style of Travis, an ATM to deposit money, the shop to upgrade your weapons, Employment Agencies, a gym to improve your offense, defense and stuff of the sort.

No More Heroes 'Heroes Paradise

The agencies are fronts of the UAA to cover up their dirty business, early in the game you start doing third rate jobs such as mowing the lawn, carrying coconuts and other minor jobs. This will gain you prestige with the association and get higher level jobs, you need to perform these to get the money you need and pay the fee to face the assassins in the top 10.

The gym caught my attention in the way in which you improve your skills, recalling some 8-bit games where you had to press the buttons quickly to lift weights before the time expires.
It is worth mentioning that it’s very fun to explore the city on your motorcycle to break down palm trees, mailboxes and other things you can find on the streets. But despite this there is not much to do, except find some hidden objects in some areas of the city.

The fights against the various bosses are varied and in some cases with a good challenge. (It would be bad if it were not so!) Each boss has a peculiar and unique style. These fights are one of the strong points of the game and they will not disappoint.

Moe...! im sure the guy in the back thinks the same

Although the game has enough positive things you can not cover the sun with a finger, there are bugs from the Wii version, which should have been fixed.
The controls are not bad but could be better. I have no complaints about how they work to fight or perform attacks, in that respect I do not think they’re so bad. But to move around the different areas there i do have to complain because they feel somewhat clunky, you can notice it in narrow areas like corridors or stairs.

Another thing that I feel doesn’t have a real excuse, (other than lack of attention of the developers) is the collision detection, going at high speed on your bike and you crash, you are thrown off your bike. But when you go slowly and you cross paths with a car, your bike magically moves to the side of the car.

Catch the eye the low activity in the city, few cars and few pedestrians. Remember how the Dead Rising for the Wii had 3 or 4 zombies on screen due to poor power of the system compared to the Xbox 360 with hordes on screen?
I feel the lack of activity in the city is due to this, but with the power of a console like the PS3, it should have been improved giving the city more content.
Even though the game has improved graphics it’s a shame that it only has 720p and not 1080p. Although I can live with that resolution, it would have been good to have the maximum resolution.

8-bit games…. where? sad face.

This version contains a number of trophies for the enjoyment of players. In addition to an Attack Score after beating Death Metal.
A new game mode you can unlock after beating the game for the first time, in which you can start with your skills and enhanced weapons to the max.

Charge the beam katana by shaking the Move or Control Pad

No More Heroes’ Heroes Paradise is a very good option, no doubt. With a strong influence of movies, and characters of pop culture. It is hard not to enjoy the different aspects of the game. (Did i mention that you save the game by going to the toilet?) From the shelves in his room full of anime figures, trading cards and game systems, to bosses that remind us Charles Bronson or Kill Bill.
Being a fan of retro gaming of course the presentation was to my liking, the mixture of different menus with a style reminiscent of the age of 8 and 16 bit is great.

The cool sense of humor that complements the bloody gameplay, quality music tracks, plus many things to discover and collect throughout the game. In spite of certain issues that could have been better for this remake, the game has more merit than defects and it’s worth having in your collection (minimum, do yourself a favor and Download the demo). For more screenshots please visit our Image Gallery, thanks for reading!

We give the game a 8.5 out of 10

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