One Piece Unlimited World Red Review (Wii U)

One Piece Unlimited World Red Review (Wii U)

Developer: Ganabarion
Publisher: Namco/Bandai
Platform: Wii U (Review Copy) 3DS, Playstation 3, PSVITA
Price: (eu/us)
£33.49 Disk Copy £43.39 Digital Download (Nintendo E Shop) 3DS £26.49 (Cartridge)
PS3 £29.38 £44.99 straw hat edition
Ps Vita £29.85
Release Date: (eu/us)
July 8th 2014 us
27th June 2014 Uk
21 Nov 2013 Jap

Video Review:

One Piece Unlimited World Red is the 5th game in the unlimited world series and is the follow up to one piece unlimited cruise SP , the game is based on the one piece manga and anime, the game is cell shaded and has a huge range of characters, the game looks and feels like similar based games in the combat rpg genre such as Monster Hunter.
Luffy goes on a journey to fint he rest of the members of his crew after they’ve all been kidnapped.

The Game is a combat style Rpg with a construction system that allows you to construct new elements in order to expand trans town and open up new parts of the game, the game has a single push combat style that enables anyone to pick up the game and just play, the player has a choice between both story mode and battle arena where they can have a chance to compete and move up the ladder in order to unlock more characters and special arenas.

The Voice Acting is done in with the original japanese cast with english subtitles
Graphics are cell shaded with each character is drawn in fine detail

– The game has 12 hours game time and can be completed easily.
– Two Player Co – Op is none existant in in game modes and cannot be manually selected you can only pick up a pad and jump in and out of the game whilst the first player takes the lead, second player is overridden when player one dies and is automatically kicked.
– Loading times are long and consistent.
– If you are not familiar with the anime or game series you will have no idea what is going on.
One Piece Unlimited World R is a great game for fans of the anime and the comic book series.
– Tons of fan service
– 20 Playable Characters
– Familiar to fans in terms of story
– Very easy for non gamers to pick up from the get go
– Can transfer save data from the wii u to the 3ds via connect.

– too short
– Repetitive
– no english dialogue.
– not a true two player game.
– too many loading times.

Game rating: 5 out of 10

For More information you can check out the following videos:


Main Story:

2 Player Co – Op:

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