Overview: GalGun2 DLC Packs

Overview: GalGun2 DLC Packs


  • DLC Sets 1 through 7 are $11.99 USD on PSN
  • Each individual costume is $4.99 USD on PSN
  • Each individual costume is $4.99 USD on Steam
  • There are no DLC Sets on Steam
  • Each costume also includes cosmetic accessories

It’s been two months since we’ve reviewed GalGun2. Since then I have acquired the game’s Platinum trophy and fooled around as much as I could with it. Even after finishing the game there is still tons of flavor dialogue to be explored with the Rendezvous command by inviting girls, feeding them, posing and leering at their face/boobs/butt/panties. If you successfully invite them home, Risu will also comment on each of them after they go away. There’s lots of little things like that hidden on the game that I feel not enough people have found.

Inti Creates is continuously supporting them game with DLC. A Steam PC port of the game has also been released, which was hardly a surprise but we’re all glad that it happened so soon. Despite selling itself as a raunchy game, the shooter hidden underneath this pile of pantsu and anime cliches is surprisingly good, with some of the tightest control schemes I’ve ever tried my hands on. Perhaps the one game that has made the best use of the DualShock 4’s gyro for targeting. At this point the only thing I feel the game is missing is a VR patch for PC and PS4.

Highschool girls love Spiderman moves.

Each of the DLC packs contains 3 suits which can also be bought individually. You can use those clothes in-game in two ways: by assigning them as uniforms or by asking a girl to wear them.

In-game costume selection.

You can customize the uniform for students in each year. This way, all girls in the same grade will wear the uniform. The main characters can also be individually dressed from their peers. Glasses and Accessories can be assigned with this menu as well.

While hanging out alone with any given girl, the player has the option to ask her to wear any set of clothes. For this article, I had some of my favorite GalGun ladies wear them for pictures.

Notice that each grade has a respective uniform color. Red for the freshmen, Blue for sophomores and Green for seniors. Depending on the type of costume you select, its color may match up to the grade that student belongs to. For example, the Classy Bunny Girl set will change colors depending on who wears it, while the Bikinis and Maid outfits will retain their original color.

While wearing regular uniforms, each of the girls has their own, individual set of panties and stockings, which can be seen by removing their clothes with your gun. Certain DLC costumes will also affect these pieces of clothing. Bubble Bath, Tiger Oni and Slime Time sets replace all underwear for stripped characters.

Other sets will only replace stocking but not the underwear. The Alice in Doki Doki Land set behaves this way.

While there might not be much in the way of variety, there should be something for everyone among the available options. Here’s a taste to what’s available in store for you.


I found Slime Time and Bubbly Bath to be the most fun for playing, although my favorite is still the Sexy Shrine Maiden costume. Which of those sets did you like the most? Who’s your favorite GalGun girl? Let us know in the comments.

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