Path of the Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Preview

Path of the Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Preview

The first mini-expansion for Path of Exile Sacrifice of the Vaal, will be releasing on March 5th.  Sacrifice of the Vaal is expanding the dark and gritty award winning Action RPG with a ton of new content released in this new expansion.  Best part this will be given at the price of free.

Path of Exile is a online action RPG with overhead perspective to control your character.  You fight vile creatures and leveling up your character to survive the horrors that await you. On your journey you will find new items that can give you abilities and help you become powerful.

You can choose between 6 classes until you beat the game, which then unlocks one more character.  The different classes all have different attributes that they can be proficient that.  All classes have access to the same passive grid but where they are on the grid depends on the class they choose.

All skills that you can use are enabled through gems which can fit into equipment that you find. So even a witch could theoretically use strength based skills, its just not advised. This allows you a lot of flexibility on how to create your class.


With the new mini-expansion, Grinding Gear Games wants to make sure all the equipment that you currently have don’t suddenly become useless. A common tragedy in other RPGs when new expansion is released. That is why the developers made sure all new equipment and gems supplement your current gear more.

Vaal Skill Gems have been added to the game which can give your skill and ultimate form. After killing a certain amount of monsters and collecting their souls you will be able to unleash a more powerful version of the skill.  For instance a character with frost nova would be able to have the frost nova do a chain reaction across all monsters.

You can create better equipment by using an corrupted item orb.  Once you corrupt an item it will have a chance of significantly improving the stats on the item but also turning it useless. On what items you want to take this risk on will depend on you but a mid-tier level item corrupted has a chance of becoming even more powerful than many higher-tier non corrupted items.


These improved abilities and equipment will be needed because the end bosses will be extra challenging.  The character build I got to play was extremely powerful yet even I was dying to these bosses. It probably was because I was a noob, but still learning the tactics to defeat enemies will require skill.

Though the end game is not the only place receiving a bunch of new content to explore. Corrupted areas are placed throughout all of Wraeclast. These dungeons offer chances to find new loot, but also contain unique bosses with abilities that require you to think quick on your feet.  The payoff of surviving will be worth it though.

For players looking for a reason to playing the game from beginning to end with a whole new character will be be able to try the two new leagues, Ambush  and Invasion. They offer a new twist to the game such as secret craftable chests with dangerous traps. In the new leagues new and returning will have the opportunity to start fresh in equal footing.

PVP is having a new mode where you can hunt other players for their equipment. After you kill them you can take all their items which should lead to some very frantic PVP action. For those looking to be able to cast spells to kill fellow players you can also join the PVP free-for-all arena.


There will be a ton of new content in Sacrifice of the Vaal so anyone should looking to play will have a reason to. If you took a break there will be tons of challenging new monsters to test your abilities. For newbies like myself, there will be a lot of new content to make leveling up even more fun than those that played when the game first came out.  Best of all this is all free.

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