Preview: Confrontation

We’ve had the chance to play a preview build Confrontation Developed by Cyanide Studio. This is a a new tactical strategy RPG title set in a fantasy world known as Aarklash, in which four factions are trying to gain control. The story develops around this rivalry and how new and abominable beings created by the combination of magic and science.
You start as a Griffin squad and your mission is to discover and infiltrate one of the Scorpion Biolabs, not an easy feat as the gloomy and dismal laboratory is full of dangerous bioenginered monsters.


The preview build consists of two missions, the first to assemble your squad, that is scatered in this inhospitable and dangerous land.
The second mission inside one of the laboratories, to find more about the new threat in the war. I can’t say this preview was short at all, after a couple of hours i finished both missions so the full game ensures a good time of enjoyment and gameplay.
As usual in this kind of game you have the classic tank, healer, dps, etc. At first it’s easy to decide the roles as you can play with only 4 members (your first squad from the very first mission) but according to the codex and the classes available it seems we will be able to add more soldiers to our merry squad.


Weaponry, seems to be default and i’m not much a fan of that, although you can select the way your character evolves with different branches that will accomodate your style of play, now that’s something i like!
Confrontation doesn’t seem to offer anything new to the genre but by no means looks like a bad title, classes look pretty balanced to me, then again this is a preview build and until i try the full game I can’t say the rest of the classes are or not balanced, we will see.
Something i liked is a character editor in which you can customize the colors of the members in your squad, although it may not seem significant i love games that let us do customizations to our characters. That is a plus for me and this editor it’s a toy with which will amuse me a lot in this game.
This seems to be a title to keep in mind if you love the RTS genre, specially in the spirit of Diablo or fantasy games of the sort.


Excellent cutscenes narrate the storyline, art and sound in these are very good, if you know me you know i love good stories and narrative, definitely can’t wait to see more of the game and you can be sure we will have a follow up review pretty soon!


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