Preview: Yesterday (PC)

In a market that is flooded with generic, repetitive and sometimes mediocre FPS titles, it’s good to see companies like Focus Home Interactive and Pendulo bring something different into the table with games such as Yesterday. Although an adventure game is not a new genre and they are not unveiling anything new, it’s a pleasure, to play a game that makes you think and not just rubbish button mashing.


Yesterday has a nice intriguing and bold storyline, taking place in New York City, beggars and homeless people are disappearing and later found dead, burned with a mysterious mark on their hands.
In this adventure Harry White, Samuel Copper, and an amnesic, mysterious John Yesterday. They have to solve the riddle involving these deaths and the weird events around a cult, the truth is quite shocking!


Old good Point and Click Adventure game, that’s Yesterday. As you explore different areas by pointing and clicking you will get items, clues and dialogs to continue with the storyline, some items may interact with another, even the most useless item may be the key to advance or unlock a mystery.
What could be better than a game that sends you into a dark, old and creepy abandoned metro station in the first minute of gameplay? Seriously guys that’s so cool and nobody can deny that!

Controls are easy, after all it’s a point and click game that will require a mouse to move around 100% of the time. You have the Item bar in the bottom from which you select the different items you collect on the different stages, you can then try to combine them or use in the enviroment around you.
You can save anytime, letting you restart from that scene/chapter with a total of 4 different slots, so if like me you tend to save a lot this i really handy.
The classic “tip” button is also here, if you are stuck and are getting frustrated and can’t move on this is your best friend, then again what’s the fun on clicking it and missing the amazing “i did it!” feeling, without trying to solve the problem by yourself isn’t?


Graphics 8.5/10
You start the game with an amazing and shocking opening that will scare a few and will make others say “Omg! This is so cool!” They really plunge the player right into the mystery, after you boot the game!
The graphics are quite good and truly eye candy, if you played The Next BIG Thing you know what’s in store for you. They are colorful and very detailed, including a comic trip syle narrated story that if like me you like comics and manga, this will be of your liking.

Sound 8/10
Complementing the art and gameplay to perfection, from a comic relief to give you that uneasy feeling in certain areas as you explore and the storyline.

The game has a fantastic atmosphere, if anything i wish there was voice acting and not just text for the character dialogues, it could have been much more involving and appealing that way.


Loved the preview build and cannot wait for the full release of this title. Yesterday offers a fantastic adventure game and lovers of this genre will have a blast with it. I will not recommend Yesterday for a younger audience, the dark and bold thematic of the game may not be suitable for kids. However teenagers and above, yeah be my guest, you will not regret spending hours with this amazing game!
Certainly, the adventure genre may not offer a high replay value but Yesterday for sure gives you great gameplay with very good graphics and sound effects that’s worth trying and to own in your collection and revisiting after a time.


Self proclaimed Anime Courtyard mad scientist. Cat person and anime lover. Hobbies include drawing, videogames and saving this realm from alien invaders.

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