Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties d00d! Review

OMG d00d, Master Etna’s Panties has been stolen!!! so one more time you take the role of a Prinny and head into the adventure, this is the sequel to “Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero”, poor cute and weakling prinnies once again are cannon fodder for our gaming pleasure.
Just as Nippon Ichi Software have us accustomed with games like Disgaea or ZHP, loaded with tremendous humor and challenge this sequel its no exception, something fans and newcomers to the series will enjoy.

Dawn of Operation Panties D00d! a brilliant and magnificently silly plan only the prinnies could scheme. To lure the Phantom Thief and recover master etna’s panties, the not so brave prinnies will search all over the netherworld for valuable and rare treasures like a Soda Cup (NIS need to hook me up with one of these d00d) a necklace and other random objects you obtain by beating the bosses in the game.

Upgrade your base d00d! everything a hero needs.

This is a 2D side scroller platformer, using a Prinny Barrage turns the scenery into 3D, the game offers a good challenge, sometimes too much to be honest, some levels require you to run everything to perfection, any error is fatal especially with controls that feel rigid and inflexible.
This can be frustrating and you can end repeating part of the level in several occasions by committing a sightless error, for your good fortune the game offers enough checkpoints so you do not have to repeat the entire level from the begining, that would be much more frustrating.

Its easy to jump and fall from platforms due to the controls or being hit by enemies appearing right in front of you after a jump, leading to commit mistakes and ending dying. With 1000 Prinnies at your disposal is easy to leave aside the frustration of some levels that require absolute precision, but you die too much and the number decreases rapidly.

Husky Hip Pounds, Prinny Cyclone or Prinnikaze, you have combos and special attacks that facilitate advancing certain areas or fighting a boss much more easily, as you fight enemies and eat desserts your special attack bar fills and you can unleash some powerful attacks once in Break Mode.

special attacks, dont try this at home kids.

Boss fights are good and very old-fashioned with a dejavu feeling for 8 and 16-bit buy zithromax online next day delivery games, you stomp into the head of enemies, stun and attack with your sword, some of the bosses have complicated patterns but nothing practice and a lot of disposable prinnies cant overcome.

The game offer bonuses, alternate endings and things we’ll find out after we beat the game, such as Asagi Wars, new characters to use and more. Something Nippon Ichi Software do with many of their titles (nice fan service!) and its a nice touch, giving Prinny 2 replay value.

Asagi Wars: unlockable Side Scrolling shooter , awesome d00d!

Flonne and other characters from the series are here, the humor the game has to offer is something you may not enjoy if you do not know Disgaea and his characters, It may sound silly and chessy, so i highly recommend you to take a look to previous games (see Disgaea, ZHP, etc) to enjoy it to the fullest.

Prinny 2 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, casual gamers that don’t like extreme challenges may not like it, as even in easy you will die a lot and players may feel frustrated, on the contrary if you don’t mind challenge, the game offer just what you wanted. Excellent music, anime style graphics, comedy and a good array of unlockables make Prinny 2 a game with good replay value offering a lot of fun to the players.

Of course it’s a game people into anime or fans of the series cannot miss, all our beloved Disgaea characters are here, if you are not a fan of the series this may be a good time to start, thanks for reading and keep gaming d00d!

We give this game a 8 out of 10

cool art from Asagi Wars!

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