Rango the Videogame Review (Xbox 360)

In March, Rango the movie hit theaters, accompanied by it’s video game hitting store shelves. Sometimes games based on movies tend to be bad, this is not the case for Rango the video game.
Glad to say the game is more than i expected, and it’s truly a nice and enjoyable 3D platformer with a good amount of content to satisfy the player.
Rango the video game is an extension of the film that takes place after he becomes the town sheriff. Mysterious rocks have appeared and it’s up to Rango to recover them all to save the town inhabitants from the threat of bandits, zombies and even aliens. Rango has a big challenge ahead!

Ride birds, bats and even spaceships!

As I said before this is a 3D platform game in which you control the sheriff Rango. the game features a variety of movements for you to get around with: Including an AoE (Area of Effect) attack that damages all of the enemies around you, evasive rolls to avoid attacks, regular melee attacks with your fists, or of course your amazing gun in which to shoot at enemies and targets from either close or long range to help you advance in the stage.
You will find boxes and barrels for you to destroy, revealing stars within them, just as you will find stars by using a miner’s pick when you find a vein.
These stars can be redeemed for improvements, including a greater range for your gun, more damage induced by your attacks and even more stars found by defeating enemies, mining or in the boxes and barrels.

Continuing with the good amount of content, there is a diverse variety of levels in the game. From deserts in which you mount birds to pursue bandits, to canyons that collapse behind you, escaping the giants that humans are represented, alternate dimensions within an arcade machine, or even escaping from an alien mothership; Rango offers a lot in this aspect. It truly makes for a fun campaign to play through.
Two things that give the game an unique flavor are golf and golden bullet sequences in which you have to hit different targets to complete the levels. A bulls-eye obviously gives you more stars. This sequence is one of the bright points in the game for me; I truly loved them.

It's golden bullet time!

The animated sequences with film quality are the best and immerse you in the story from the beginning of the game. Music is not bad and it is consistent with the thematics of the game. I will not say it is extraordinary but I did like some of the tracks.
Something that becomes monotonous are the enemies. In comparison with the variety of scenarios, there’s not much variety in the enemy’s ranks, which is a shame.

Dont let the zombies get near to town, golf to the rescue

The game has several things to unlock including a gallery with conceptual art from the game, and different outfits for rank. Among which you can choose the typical sheriff outfit, the outfit from the movie, and even a Mexican-style outfit which made me smile.
Of course the game comes with a good number of achievements to boost your gamerscore (or trophies).

Retro style action!

Rarely a game makes me feel like finishing it in one sit, Rango is one of those games that makes you want to finish it without leaving your chair. A very fun and entertaining game that kids and adults alike shall enjoy a in big way.
At the time the game was released it came with a ticket for the movie. Now, I do not know if this is still available, but it was a great item to include.
A great and fun platform game that will give you hours of fun, Rango the video game it’s a good title to have in your collection!

we give the game a 8.7 out of 10!


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