Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The third game in the Modern Warfare series is here and it’s a real blast, one more time activision delivers a good game with quality and content for fans. Although people argue this title doesn’t offer anything new and feels like a DLC, i have to say i have had a very pleasant experience by playing the campaign and Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has had an amazing amount of sales and coming from someone that is not a fan of military games like me, i now understand why this franchise is so popular.

Modern Warfare 3

The story takes off right after the events in Modern Warfare 2, you will play different missions in different fronts around the globe, not only in the USA that is under several attacks by the Russians, playing different characters from the US army or ex-operative Yuri from Russia the campaign is intense, with variety to keep you entertained from start to finish.

The game offers three different modes of play; Special Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer. Campaign features 3 acts with 17 missions in total, the missions offer an excellent variety and diversity, from submarine missions in which you have to avoid aquatic mines to disable Russian submarine engines, to fighting terrorist onboard the Russian presidential plane while you fall from the sky with thrilling and exciting momentums of zero gravity.
I had a real blast with campaign and i highly recommend newcomers to the Modern Warfare franchise (if this is your first MW title) to play campaign first to get a hold of the controls. I can guarantee you will be hooked to your tv until the end, just like me with addictive and truly polished gameplay.
Special Ops offers 2 game modes, Survival and Missions. The first being self explanatory and lets you take on waves of enemies offline and online. Missions are taken from the campaign and difficulty level range from Regula, Hardened and Veteran (one to three stars respectively). Experience and grades to obtain vary depending how fast you complete the missions.
Multiplayer offers unique and very diverse perks you can obtain, unlike other games you don’t buy weapons and upgrades, they unlock as you gain ranks just by playing, making it a real good and swift experience

Modern Warfare 3

Graphics 9/10
Simply amazing, I know the game uses the same graphic engine from the previous title, but honestly the quality is excellent.
There are slow motion events that look like bullet time sequences, details on explosions, vehicles and backgrounds is something i can’t get enough of on this game.
Now, trying to be objective guys, remember what happened when they tried to improve Halo and how it ended for Reach? It was not what many of us expected, so if something works and looks as good as this, why change it? In future releases, possibly MW4 it would be good to get an overhaul to keep the interest in the franchise alive, but MW3 looks and feels fantastic as it is.

Modern Warfare 3

Sound 8.5/10
On par with the fantastic graphics, music, sound effects and voice acting are trully good. These complement the gameplay in a very unique way, giving the player an amazing experience as you progress in the campaign.

Special Ops are not bad but i feel they used too many stages from the campaign for the missions, more unique stages for this game mode would have been a good asset.
There is a lack of variety on multiplayer maps, more content on this are could have been good as a lot of gamers enjoy multiplayer a lot, sometimes more than campaign, we can only hope for DLC with new maps and extra content.

Modern Warfare 3

Although i commented there is not a big variety on the online maps, i must also add you’re not paying 60us for multiplayer but a truly magnificent campaign, Special Ops and the Multiplayer maps so the comments about the game being MW 2.5 are totally out of place, at least for me, a gamer that enjoys offline and campaign more than just multiplayer in videogames.
All in all this is a game that will not disappoint, if you can look beyond the multiplayer complaints, give the game a try and then decide. Can i recommend COD:Modern Warfare 3? Definitely!

We give the game a 8.7 out of 10

*A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for this review.


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