[Review] Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Dinosaurs and videogames have gone hand in hand for quite some time now, thanks in part to movies like Jurassic Park. This game will give you déjà vu for the second movie in the saga. It has a similar concept which includes hunting dinosaurs.
Published by Beatshapers this game arrives as a Mini to the PSP and PS3 consoles. Ready to go hunting dinosaurs?

Actually there is no story to introduce you into the game or any explanation into why there are dinosaurs in the different areas. The only thing we know is that we are dinosaur hunters.
At the beginning you choose one kind of dinosaur to hunt, and use the only weapon available to do so at first. Once you kill the designated target, a ship arrives and collects your prey.

At the beginning you only have a pistol, binoculars and a horn to help in the hunt. As you progress with your hunt; different types of dinosaurs, new weapons and hunting areas will be unlocked. Increasing the arsenal in your hands.

The ship collects your prey and take them to the trophy room

The way you move around the maps is not linear, it is basically Open World. You can explore the zones at your leisure.
The real action in the game starts when you are in areas with carnivores that do not hesitate to make you their prey.

The trophy area shows the different dinosaurs you’ve hunted, something like a personal museum with your different prey on display.

Must say, to be a mini the graphics are not bad. The game looks good when you play on the PSP, even on a TV (not HDTV) it’s not bad for a mini when you play from the PS3.

explore in search of your prey

But not all is positive in this part of the game. Sometimes it gets boring to go through a fairly large area of the map without seeing more than a couple of dinosaurs. Sometimes you use the relocation, instead of walking all over the map to speed up the game a little.

I understand it is part of the game but sometimes dinosaurs run before you can get your gun and shoot them, while you watch your prey, run away like the Road Runner with a BEEP BEEP! This brings us to the next point.

It feels as if the developers wanted to use every single button on the psp to cover all functions in the game. Which feels even more bizarre if you play with a dual shock on the PS3.

I think it would have been better taking the time to optimize some things in the game for the PSP or PS3. Like buy zovirax cream walgreens having a menu and from there to use some of the features from the game. It was pretty rare to move by using the buttons in the right and not the D-Pad, making it difficult to get used to the controls, unlike the iPhone where the gameplay feels much more fluid.

The game’s concept is not innovative but is not bad, considering it is the port of a PC game of the late 90’s not a bad game as a Mini. If you like hunting and open world games this is worth a try. But if you’re the kind of player that wants a more action driven gameplay, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is not for you.

we give the game a 7 out of 10.


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