Review – Jurassic Park: The Game (PS3)

Jurassic Park is no stranger to the world of video games, we have seen games of this franchise, spawn since the golden 16-bit era. From Carts to disc based media, some with fairly good gameplay and others that are best left forgotten.
Now Telltale Games brings a new Jurassic Park videogame to the current generation of consoles, and just as they did with Back to the Future, thumbs up as we affirm they did a fantastic job!

Jurassic Park: The Game

The game is not a sequel of the movies, just like they did with Back to the Future, Telltale was able to give us an alternate story, with new characters and stories taking place at the same time and parallel to the events on the first movie. Specially we will learn the final destination of the shaving cream canister and it’s contents. The developers were able to capture the thrills of the movie, they make you feel the suspense and action of Jurassic park right from the start.

Jurassic Park: The Game

The game is played in a similar way to other Telltale games but as they stated before the game was out, it’s different from games they have developed before. This game shows more human like characters and has a more darker tone, that you can feel right form the beginning.
You will be playing an interactive movie and a point and click game. Moving all over the island as only Telltale can do it, with a classic point and click to search clues, triggering events and quick time sequences. The quick time sequences by timing and mashing buttons and the analog sticks to advance throughout the story.
Controls feel nice and responsive, if you played other games of this genre, you already know how to play.
This may not sounds like much, but believe me, if you played and enjoyed previous titles from the company and like point and click games, you are in for a surprise with this interactive game. Some sequences can be pretty intense and will have you glued to your chair, while you try to survive attacks from the dinosaurs.
It’s a point and click title, so it’s easy? No; unlike previous titles with a trial, error and a never ending character, this time you will die, be guaranteed you will. Going from bronze to gold depending on your performance is how the game will progress leading to the next chapter or certain death.

Jurassic Park: The Game

Graphics 8.5/10
They are pretty good and detailed, giving us a very dark and uneasy feeling as you search for clues, and by escaping voracious dinosaurs in the darkness and right in the middle of an hurricane that is about to hit the island. The quick time sequenses are thrilling, exciting and some can be pretty intense, T-Rex anyone?

Sound 8/10
Composed by John Williams, with lots of sounds and music that reminiscent the movie, they fit like a glove with the rest of the game, and specially the T-Rex scream right in the selection screen is pure fan service.

If anything, Jurassic Park episodes feel extremely short, and you really dont want it to end after a few hours playing each episode (roughly 8 hours?), letting you want more.

Loading times are not the best, at least on the PS3 version which i tried.

Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game is a real blast, if you loved the movie and want to have a fantastic time revisiting Isla Nublar and his prehistoric habitants, Telltale give us a really good story that will not dissapoint fans of the franchise. With some framerate problems and minor details that dont overshadow the greatness of the experience.
By far the best looking game from Telltale and one that’s a real thrilling adventure to play from start to end.

Jurassic Park: The Game (Full 4 Episode Season) is now available on on the PlayStation Network for $29.99. Jurassic Park: The Game is also now available for the Xbox 360 (in North America) and the PC, Mac, and iPad 2 worldwide. No Vectrex? I feel offended, really.

Giving the game an 8 out of 10

**A review code was provided by the publisher for this review

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