Review: Koihime Enbu (PC)

Review: Koihime Enbu (PC)

What happens when you take Romance of the Three Kingdoms (aka Dynasty Warriors) and replace the cast with adorable anime girls? You get this game.  Koihime Enbu has finally released on Steam and thanks to Degica Games we got a code to review this game. So will this game be enough to impress Emperor Senpai? Or will you be banished to the bargain bin of Barns and Nobel manga section? Find out in this review on The Game Machine.



  • 2D artwork looks great. From character art to backgrounds and animations.
  • Not your average anime fighter plays more like a street fighter/kof hybrid with
  • Assist are available for each character, while its limited to what character
    can use what assist, but can add balance to the gameplay.


  • No tutorials to show you how to play or learn the deeper mechanics.
  • Had a hard time finding matches online.
  • Backgrounds while nice to look at could use animation to liven them up and
    feel more lived in

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