Review: Nimbus

Review: Nimbus

Developer: Noumenom Games
Publisher: Noumenom Games
Platform: PC (Steam)
Release Date: October 25th, 2010

A very interesting indie racing puzzler. The player controls a ship by steering, and must get to the goal in each level. However, the ship has no propulsion, and thus you must use the stage’s hazard and boosts
in order to get to the goal. Three things stood out in this game. The first one were the amazing visuals, with very colourful backgrounds. The second thing was the physics model used in the game. Your ship will obey the
physics rules for energy and momentum conservation, which felt very well polished and implemented.

The last in the list, but the very first one I took notice of, was the extensive use of old video game elements and tropes on the game’s several stages. Spikes will, like in any game, kill you.
You’ll also have to deal with acceleration tunnels, moving platforms, and gravity switches. Stage hazards and new mechanics are implemented gradually in a manner that keep the game fresh and challenging.

The word Nimbus means “cloud” in latin.

Nimbus 01
As a puzzle game, story takes a back-seat on this game. The only thing you really need to worry about is completing stages and, if you’re good enough, collecting the coins in each stage.

Control the ship using the WASD or Arrow keys. The game will also allow you to configure gamepad controls. Figuring out what to do in each stage isn’t difficult, but executing the movements to get to the goal can be.
At some points you will have to knock down objects and bump into walls, but whenever a new mechanic is added, there is usually a visual aid to help you figure out what to do.

Nimbus 02
The weakest aspect of this game. The game’s OST is composed only of ambient music. The game’s soundtrack felt very unmotivated, and repetitive. Uninspired, even. Nimbus lost many grading points because of this.

The game is very pretty and colorful. Nimbus’ stages follows the classic world progression, and each world has a different theme and Overworld music theme. The colour palettes change a lot from stage to stage, but the
game’s textures mostly look like the screenshots below. This gives most of the game’s charms, and will probably sell you on it.

Nimbus 03
The music ruins the overall good composure of the game. For me that deducts a lot of points from a game, but perhaps other players won’t be as bothered as I were. A few storytelling elements would also have done
good for this game

Great indie puzzler/racer/arcade game with a retro feel and amazing visuals, but a poor soundtrack.

The Reviewer has given this game a Final Grade of 7 out of 10

– Good Visuals and Textures
– Not casual, but also not brutal. A confortable learning curve.
-Smooth Controls
-Tastes like retro
-Very cheap !!

– Boring/repetitive soundtrack

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