Review: One Epic Game (PSP Minis)

Released on august 2nd of 2011 (U.S.A) and developed by Grip Games we have One Epic Game, no.. that’s his name really! With a very good dose of humour, parodies of both games and movies the game offer a lot playability for those looking for a game they can pick and play on the go.

One Epic Game

Zombie outbreaks, alien invaders, time travels and a villain that is trying to conquer the world, who can stop this? A very badass hero that well could it be Sledge Hammer on steroids, he is a badass!

This is a side scrolling platformer, the way the game works it’s quite simple but does the job, after all we are talking of a PSP Mini so it’s all good.
There is Story Mode, Free Run, Challenges and a Hall of Fame. As you progress in Story Mode, each stage is then unlocked in Free Run. Challenges are not easy but i guess they add a reason to replay some stages.
Some include “Survivor” which gives you only one life, yeah, one hit and you are dead.”Pacifist” you have to reach the end without killing enemies. “Surgeon” that’s killing only marked enemies and so on. There is a nice amount of these challenges to pick from.
By default you have four hearts, each time you are hit by an enemy you lose a heart, so 4 hits and baaam, you are dead meat.
You also have a gun by default, but you can find others in each stage including flame throwers, machineguns, bazookas, etc. As well as powerups like Jetpacks, slowing or increasing speed, remember in this game your characters is always running and cannot be stopped, so these last can be a two edged sword.

One Epic Game

Enemies can be killed by using weapons or by jumping on them, pure Mario style, one of many videogame references you can find in this game.
The layouts of the stages changes if you die, this adds a challenge as you will not be able to memorize the pattern, this is something i truly liked.
Controls are very simple but they do the job, you have a regular jump and a high jump by holding down the button shoulder and X to shoot your weapon, that’s it.

One Epic Game

Graphics 8/10
One Epic Games for sure has a strong presentation, the comic book graphic style for the menus and the cut scenes are quite good along with the character design, is really cool to watch the cutscenes, especially with the dose of humor the developers added to them.
Level design is also unique, each stage has different themes, from desert landscapes to a city invaded with aliens to a medieval castle. Definitely and taking in mind this is a PSP Mini it’s pleasant to the eyes.

Sound 7/10
Soundtrack is not so shabby either, cool upbeat fast paced music tracks complement the gameplay so well, one more time, for a PSP Mini is not bad, something other developers should learn to do.

Repetitive, even when each stage has different enemies and theatrics the gameplay can get to you after a while.
I have to be honest, the game is truly unforgiving and asks a lot of perfection on the jumping, a regular jump or a long jump out of place could mean death, this can be very frustrating, especially if you die a lot in one single stage. But let’s be fair, what would be the point if the game was easy peasy, right?

One Epic Game

Among all the PSP minis on the market, One Epic Game is addictive, fun and appealing, one title that delivers what it promises, epic gameplay! If you like games with a funny story and humor, a hero with an attitude, challenge and affordable price. Then this is a game you have to get in your psp.
One Epic Game is available in the Playstation Network for $1.99 and if you dont own a ps3 or PSP dont worry, it’s also available for iPhone and Android devices, no excuse to miss an addictive title like this.

Giving the game an 8 out of 10


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