Review: Worms Crazy Golf

One more time Team17 delights us with another fun and addicting title, it’s Worms Crazy Golf for the Playstation Network! This time the worms put their weapons aside and take a rest from the fights, grabing an iron and bringing addictive madness to the golf course. If you want to improve on your courses you can get the best flightscope golf simulator at

The game features 2 game modes, Single Player and Hot Seat Multiplayer, (offline) they have different choices and customizations as previous Worms games have us used to.
Although there are no weapons, the game is not a simple golf game, you can change the trajectory of the ball midair and if the ball, hits some bystander worms, sheeps and other creatures around the golf course, you can get bonus points. When a worm dies you can listen to the classic sounds and watch the classic tombstones, this gives Worms Crazy Golf that fun touch we all love in a Worms game. The courses are good and with a good amount of variety.

Single Player: Career is basically the campaign, with 3 different golf courses to play (now 4 with the DLC), challenges and Trophy Room. Career is, five different challenge modes with 4 maps to unlock each one. Trophy Room is basically a gallery where trophies awarded by beating the different courses are kept (these are not the PSN Trophies).
Hot Seat Multiplayer: options include Set Golfers and Set Game Type. The first choice is basically the classics Worms editor, letting us create new worms, name them, dress them and of course the speech, and as this is a gold game we can also pick our iron, wedges, etc.
The second choice lets us pick one of the golf courses from the campaign and DLC, a quick game option will pick one at random if we decide to go with that. Multiplayer lets you play with up to 4 different worms locally. There is no online multiplayer as far i can tell.

Challenges are just like the bonus rounds you encounter in each golf course in the campaign, as i commented before there are five different challenges and i will explain them here with more detail, each had 4 maps and you have to unlock them all by beating the respective challenge.
Skill Shot: You have to destroy targets in sequence against the clock, don’t be fooled as this can be tricky and challenging (thereof being a challenge right… right?)
Time Attack: This one is a blast (literally!) as you have to destroy the targets before time runs out, just as i love to kick keflings, blowing up sheep gained a special place on my heart. The faster you eliminate the target the highest score you get.
Chip-In: You have to chip in (oh wow is how the challenge is called) on to the green zone around the hole to get more time, the more you get the better the score will be, you also get a bonus for hitting the sheep. It can be tricky specially for some shots, nonetheless fun!
Target:You have to land the ball inside the target around the hole, you have a limited amount of shots, if you are good aiming and using the right trajectory this one is cake, otherwise it may be a real pain.
Keeps Up: This one is very fun (not that others arent, just one of my favorites hehe) once you hit the ball you have to keep it moving, this is achieved by bouncing on land mines, sheep, rocks, using teleporters and by using the control pad to change the direction of the ball midair.

Graphics 8/10
Classy! The loved 2D look from some of the older games is here, giving the game that cool retro feeling from previous Worms titles. The graphics are colorful and detailed, the animations are cute. Using 2D instead of 3D unlike Ulimate Mayhem was a good move.

Music 8/10
Tunes in this game are not bad at all, giving Worms Crazy Golf a very relaxing pace that fits so well with the addictive gameplay. Killer combo.

Ok the first complaint i have is.. Why not local plus online multiplayer? I love it when we can grab a second controller and play with a friend coming to play or when we have a party, it’s fun and makes it truly enjoyable.
But not always a friend can make it, or in my case my best friend lives in Indiana. (I’m in Mexico.) So it’s a real shame we can’t enjoy a good golf game, honestly i love the game but we need online multiplayer.
It’s a bit odd to have my worm speak Spanish from Spain, sure it is the same language, but i think it’s time for Team 17 to give us Latin or Mexican spanish, that sounds very different from the spanish they use in Spain. Specially, would be fun to listen to my worm using mexican slang.

A free DLC is available on the PSN Store, The Carnival Course. For some reason, i believe people stoped reading at “free” and ran over to PSN Store to download the DLC… I know i would.

Worms Crazy Golf retains the fun and addictive gameplay from other Worms titles, still addictive but this time with a relaxing gameplay. Certainly it’s a bit different from what fans of the Worms are used too, but believe me, with all the different courses, the challenges and all the collectibles to find, this one will not disapoint.
Available for the IPad, Iphone, PC and of course the Playstation Network.

We give the game a 8.5 out of 10


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