Review: Yesterday (PC)

Recently we had the pleasure to try a YESTERDAY preview build, now having played a full release, we are completely delighted and no need to say that we enjoyed it from start to finish.
As we previously mentioned in our previous article it’s good to see a classic genre that refuses to die in a market flooded with (sometimes) mediocre and monotone FPS’s. What does Pendulo and Focus Home Interactive have in store for you? Let’s find out!


Mysterious deaths have been occuring in New York, homeless people have been found burned alive and with a strange mark in their hands. Henry White and his best friend Copper wander into an abandoned metro line to investigate, leading to truly shocking events. As time goes on a new character appears, the amnesic John Yesterday.
After a very suspicious suicide attempt in the middle of his investigation John lost his memory, in such condition John is determined to find his past, the mystery of a satanic cult and the link to the murders in Ney York.


Yesterday is a Point and Click Adventure game, an old and much loved genre that is a pleasure to play, specially with a good storyline like in Yesterday.
Controls are quite simple, all you need is your mouse, after all it’s a point and click game. You have a bar in the bottom displaying what’s in your inventory. When playing games like these, an accurate gaming mouse can help your aim, and to save some time we recommand iControlPad’s best overwatch gaming mouse review.

You obtain clues and new items as you interact with the enviroment. Many times you will see animated cutscenes enriching the gaming experience a lot.
Some puzzles are quite simple and others are hard to keep you busy for a time. The usual tip button is there, so if you are losing neurones by the minute this will help you to move on. Although if you ask me, it’s much more rewarding to solve a puzzle without cheating isn’t?
The story takes place in 3 different scenarios. You will find yourself venturing in an abandoned New York metro system, visiting antique shops in paris and in a place i suspect is the tibet, mostly appearing as flashbacks in John’s mind. The diversity of scenery in these 3 places is good. Giving the player the feeling of a horror thriller and a sort of indiana jones movie all in one game (Raiders of the Lost Ark anyone?), of course romance and good humor are present and will lighten the dark and bold thematic of Yesterday.


Without giving you much details and hoping i am not spoiling anything, get ready to see some dramatic and shocking twists in the characters as you progress and unlock some of the mysteries of the story, the cult and John’s memories.
The experience is quite unique and believe me, like me you may not want to get up from your seat until you finish the adventure due to the intricate and really interesting story of the game. This include 3 different endings, which endings you ask? sorry guys but no spoilers!


Graphics 8.5/10
Very colorful and detailed backgrounds. Animations are both a mix of GC and comic panels giving the game a unique and pleasant style to the eye. Character design is quite good, prety similar as in their previous title “The Next Big Thing”, if you played that game you know what to expect. The animated intro is shocking and intriguing, sucking the player into the experience right from the begining.

Sound 8/10
Sure, the game does not have a lot of music, and really doesn’t need it. Background sounds and effects complement the game to perfection, from gun shots to ambient effects, giving unease feeling and more. Although there is voice acting here and there

If any, you will finish the game yelling, no please… I want more! I know i do.


What can we say of a game like this? if you enjoy the Adventure game be sure you are in for a great ride with Yesterday! Catching graphics, a dark storyline with the right dose of humor and good gameplay, this game is one to remember.
Adventure games may not have a high replay value but this is one to keep in your collection and revisitng once in a while, you will not regret it. We can only hope to see more titles like this from the guys at Pendulo and Focus Home Interactive, kudos for an amazing game, Yesterday!

We give the game an 8.5 out of 10


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