Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Trailer TGS 2011

Without a doubt, Saint Seiya it is one of the best known and most popular anime of the world along with Dragonball Z and others from the popular Shonen Jump Magazine. Unfortunately there has been few titles based on the show and this fantastic anime do not have a strong presence in the world of videogames.

Having some RPG titles for the Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System), Wonderswan, PC and a couple for the Playstation 2 (these two known outside of Japan).

A new game for the Playstation 3 was announced and a trailer was show on the Tokyo Game Show 2011. The game will be titled “Saint Seiya Senki” (Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle in europe). So far we know there will be an European version of the game, but there is no information on a possible american release. it’s a shame as Saint Seiya have a lot of loyal fans on this side of the world.

Must be honest, i have mixed feelings with this trailer. The graphics seems to be a bit dated, or without proper development taking into consideration the Playstation 3 capabilities. Being a fan, when it comes to Saint Seiya i want to see a game that makes justice to the anime! Now hey, hold your horses guys… im all for gameplay over graphics, and when a game it’s good that’s what matters the most.

Glad the Playstation 3 bluray is not region blocked, and even if this game dont see the light in america, we can always import an european release, burn cosmos!


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