Street Fighter V PS4 Review | The Game Machine

Street Fighter V PS4 Review | The Game Machine

Street Fighter V is now available on PS4 and PC. Today on The Game Machine we review Street Fighter V and see if Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, and co are up to this time. Is it worth the journey? Find out as the answer lies in battle.


  • Great Visual Artstyle in Gameplay
  • Soundtrack great mix of new and old
  • Fantastic Roster
  • Survival mode is fun and is a unique twist over original
  • Earn fight money to unlock future characters and other content rather than having to buy an ultra turbo edition
  • PC and PS4 crossplay


  • Characters is pathetically short and told with still screens
  • Content such as multi-man lobbies, challenge mode, shop, and full story mode are not going to be out till later
  • No Arcade or Vs CPU.
  • Survival Mode is fun but needs an alternative option to unlock colors
  • Can’t repeat lots of modes other than Online to keep building fight money

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