Final Fantasy 11

Archie Comics to publish a Megaman comic

I am a huge fan of the Megaman series, and when i heard about Archie Comics publishing a Megaman comic i had mixed feelings the first beign “oh god they will ruin it like the Sonic comic…” and then hope returned as i first looked the cover art. i love the original buy levitra online cheap japanese art from the Megaman (Rockman in japan) series and im glad to see the artist has be...[Read More]

Level Capped Raised!

Just a quick blurp: I leveld on Dark Knight for the first time in over a year, meaning it’s now level 77! Aspir II gogo! (aka 80k baibai) That’s all for now. =P

Been A Bit, Hasn’t It?

It has been forever and a day since I last said something on here… and for that, I apologize. I just felt like sharing some of my thoughts on a few things. First, let me start off by saying I was pleasantly surprised with E3 this year, but equally disappointed. Microsoft had a very strong showing, with Kinect, the slimmed down 360, and… well that’s just it… I was excited wi...[Read More]

Happy 8th Vana’versary! The Appreciation of Adventurers Begins! (05/11/2010)

That be right folks! It’s that time again once more for us to claim our fancy Anniversary Rings, and look at the records of our past adventuring… to make us cry how many times we online pharmacy no prescription adipex k/o’d… More about this can be read on the official Final Fantasy XI site here!

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