Review: Sakura Angels

A western-made short Visual Novel by the same team who brought us Sakura Spirit. Mahou Shoujo, awakening ancient evils, and a highschool setting. Doesn't get any more anime-like than this.

Review: Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed

Akiba's Trip is a 3rd person adventure game with openworld sandbox elements, taking place in real world Akihabara. Defeat artificial vampires by destroying their clothes and exposing them to sunlight.

Review: Fate/Extra

A 3D Dungeon Crawler for the PSP and a rock-paper-scissors combat system. One of the playable characters is a kemonomimi fox girl.

Review: Fairy Bloom Freesia

A cute brawler featuring a loli fairy beating up forest invaders. A cute, mildly difficult, and short beat'em-up.

Review: Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen is a character raising simulator, in which the player takes control of Princess Elodie, the Queen-to-be of a Kingdom whose previous monarch, her mother,  has recently passed away. The goal is to finish the game and become Queen while avoiding being killed.

Analogue: A Hate Story Review

Analogue is a half-visual-novel, half-command-prompt investigation game. The plot is centered around a Generation Starship named The Mugunghwa, a Korean venture into space, with the goal is establishing a colony at a near-by star system. The ship lost contact and never arrived at its destination.

Review: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

The last game available in retail stores in North America for the PSP, Sweet Fuse is an Otome mystery-solving Visual Novel. The game's characters are hostages inside a theme park. The protagonist, along with 6 others, is then forced into a survival game, in which the lives of the other hostages are at stake.

Review: Cho Dengeki Stryker

Cho Dengeki Stryker is an action and story driven tale, with choices and multiple endings, featuring quite an interesting plot proposal: What if Shonen-manga characters existed in the real world?

Dead Rising 2: Case West XBLA Review

Are you ready for more zombie bashing action? this is Dead Rising 2: Case West, the epilogue for Dead Rising 2. This is not an add-on but a standalone download game and you dont require to have the disc to play it. This game is appealing for both old time Dead Rising fans or newcomers to the series that never played previous titles, in both cases who doesnt enjoy bashing zombies? i certainly do. S...[Read More]

X-Men Arcade XBLA Review

Titles like this bring back nostalgia from the now long gone arcades, oh yes i spend quite a lot in arcades such as X-Men and TMNT, oh the joy of losing tons of cash, worth it!! X-Men Arcade for the Xbox Live Arcade is not a remake but a port from the buy acyclovir cream online 1992 arcade cabinet and don’t bring anything new into the light, still is a nice game to spend the time specially w...[Read More]

Unbound Saga XBLA Review

There are few games that make me feel like finish them in one sit, with a very unique style Unbound Saga is one of them. This title by Vogster brings to Xbox Live Arcade the good old Beat em Up genre to our consoles, myself being a fan of games such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and more, playing this game was a pleasant experience. Story We are introduced to the game with a nightmare, our her...[Read More]

Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram XBLA Review

Just like in the decade of the 50’s everything was atomic in the 90’s everything was virtual, specially in the gaming industry and lots of “virtual” titles was released, one of them Virtual-On by SEGA. Released in the japanese arcades in the year 1998 and later ported to the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999, this unique and addictive game made a comeback for Xbox Live Arcade in the year 2009, with new featu...[Read More]

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