Hatsune Miku arcade game debuts at 2011 J-POP Summit this weekend

Heading to the 2011 J-POP Summit and love Hatsune Miku? well dont miss the chance to play the new Hatsune Miku arcade game! SEGA and New People brings this jaw dropping arcade game a lot of fans will love. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade is being shipped from Japan as a special treat for J-Pop Summit attendees and is the first and only unit outside Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Players ...[Read More]

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review (XBLA)

“War was never this fun!” is what defines this fantastic game. I do say that with a big smile and a pair of sore thumbs to prove it, after a session i was hooked from start to end of the campaign. As i played the game it was giving me a free ticket to memory lane, making me remember the GIJOE toys from the company Hasbro, the style in which they present the game made me go back to my c...[Read More]

Bastion Review (XBLA)

Get ready for a unique adventure, SuperGiantGames brings an Action RPG that from the beginning will leave you open-mouthed, from the spectacular gaphic design to the nice gameplay of the title, an Xbox Live Arcade game that really promises a lot this summer, Bastion will be your fix. Story You’re “The Kid” and the world as we know has been devastated, you wake up in the middle of...[Read More]

From Dust Review (XBLA)

Games where you play the role of a deity will make people recall memories of classics such as Black & White. Highly influenced by aboriginal and tribal details, From Dust comes to the Xbox 360 with a concept quite original. With magnificent scenarios that remind us of why Mother Nature has been feared and revered by many cultures. Ubisoft gives us a very pleasant game. Story Simple yet deligh...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 11: Fantastic Fraulein Mumor!

It is that time of the year and the Sunbreeze Festival returns to Vana’diel, if you are an avid Final Fantasy 11 player you know what this means! If not, let me introduce you to one of my favorite festivities in the game. What would the Summer Breeze be without Fantastic Fraulein Mumor and her partner Uka performing for us in the adventurers of Vana’diel? Once again their performance is in danger ...[Read More]

Dead Block Review (XBLA)

A game with zombies is always fun, but what can be even more fun? Well that’s a game with Zombies, Rock and Roll of the 50’s and a good dose of strategy gamers will enjoy. Candygun Games brings that to the Xbox Live Arcade with their latest title, Dead Block. Story This adventure is set in the 1950’s in which the rise of Rock and Roll is in full swing. And this evil music awakened a ho...[Read More]

The Adventures of Shuggy Review (XBLA)

Valcom Games brings us this summer The Adventures of Shuggy,a game that proves 2D is not dead. By playing with time travel and gravity mechanics this puzzle game is a nice break from many FPS flooding the market today that focuses more on graphics than gameplay value, this title for Xbox Live Arcade gives us that and more. Story Our good Shuggy has received a huge mansion as part of an inheritance...[Read More]

Review: Dungeon Siege 3

Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enix brings us a new RPG, the third game in the Dungeon Siege universe, we speak of Dungeon Siege 3, a game to delight lovers of the genre. Being honest i never had the chance to play any of the previous games in the saga, so i can’t compare gameplay and combat style, i am to judge this title based on my experience by playing this as a newcomer to Dungeon Si...[Read More]

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Review

Some time ago Atari announced a new title in the series Dungeons & Dragons, something fans of the series and dungeon crawlers in general hoped would come to our consoles. Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and people expected something big and epic, something a game of this genre should offer. Did this title really live up to what was expected? I’m afr...[Read More]

Moon Diver Review

Heard of Moon Diver? if you had the chance to see pictures or videos of this great game you’ll think it looks familiar, and You are not wrong. Koichi Yotsui, the creator of the fantastic Strider returns with this title, it is not a sequel but could be considered the spiritual successor to the classic arcade title we all know. developed by feelplus Inc. and published by Square Enix, Moon Dive...[Read More]

Rush’N Attack: EX-Patriot review (XBLA)

Rush ‘N Attack, a great NES classic made a comeback to the current generation of consoles with a nice makeover back in 2007. Back then I liked the remake but i was thinking, “hmm this wouldn’t be bad if it were in 3D” and now Konami and Vatra brings us Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot. Certainly not 3D but more like 2.5D, making use of the Unreal Engine, which feels and looks grea...[Read More]

Rango the Videogame Review (Xbox 360)

In March, Rango the movie hit theaters, accompanied by it’s video game hitting store shelves. Sometimes games based on movies tend to be bad, this is not the case for Rango the video game. Glad to say the game is more than i expected, and it’s truly a nice and enjoyable 3D platformer with a good amount of content to satisfy the player. Rango the video game is an extension of the film that ta...[Read More]

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