The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile review (XBLA)

Days ago I got the chance to play The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for the first time. This is the sequel to The Dishwasher, released for Xbox Live Arcade back in 2009. Sadly I missed the chance to play the original and by playing the sequel I can tell you it’s a great experience. With dynamic and fast paced action gameplay this title has a lot to offer. This side scrolling platformer with futuristic...[Read More]

Samurai Shodown Sen Review (XBLA)

Samurai Shodown is a franchise of games that’s been present since the early 90’s, and this title Samurai Shodown Sen is one of the first in this popular saga that arrives at the Xbox 360. With a somewhat different format changing the 2D sprites for a 3D style that many of us know does not always have the desired effect and the transition is not always what was expected. Even so this game has...[Read More]

Ragnarok DS Review

Published and localized by XSEED in the year 2010, Ragnarok DS came to the American continent.This title based on the known and popular Ragnarok Online comes to the Nintendo DS, but does the game meet the expectations of the fans of the MMORPG or is it just a failed attempt by Gravity and GungHo? let’s find out. As a player of the MMORPG this game caught my attention but not enough to try the game...[Read More]

Battle: Los Angeles Review (XBLA)

Battle: Los Angeles is based on the movie of the same name. I have always been skeptical of these games as they only tend to be a bad experience for the players, trying to milk your money with a zero quality product. As i played, I started to take a liking to the campaign in spite of everything that told me it would be a bad experience, despite some good details this is one of those bad games base...[Read More]

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