Updates on my side (Mario)

have been hesitating about what to blog or to blog at all lately, as you know my grammar is far from good and that is something that has been keeping me away from blogging and/or to start some projects lately (that and well, lack of stuff to write about) so not much news except i updated the blog software. Recently installed and started to Play Final Fantasy 11 (MMORPG) the

A Kingdom for Keflings coming out for PC

Hello gaming lovers, many of you may have played this title from the Xbox Live Marketplace, one of the popular games letting you use your avatar or a giant to have lil fellas build towns for you, well now the fun is coming over to the buy proscar 5mg online uk PC. Our contact at Ninjabee Games tell us this will not be a Windows Live release and will not make use of the avatars just the giants, thi...[Read More]

Halo Waypoint Impressions (Mario)

Hello gaming lovers, i bet many of you are screaming “oh noes another Halo Waypoint blog, RUN FOR YOUR POPPERS” but hey relax even being aproved to be a beta tester i live in mexico and could not check this for myself until today but THAT is a rant for a different post, let’s focus and talk of Halo Waypoint shall we? you can find Halo Waypoint in your Games Marketplace free of ch...[Read More]

Fairytale Fights Free DLC

Hello gaming lovers, Playlogic is giving away free download content for Fairytale Fights, for a limited time you ge the chance to redeem Exclusive free DLC available for Xbox360 and the PS3. All you have to do is sign up in their website here: you will get a confirmation email and casual updates about the game, and once they have buy singulair walmart the downlo...[Read More]

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