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Dead Rising 2: Case West XBLA Review

Are you ready for more zombie bashing action? this is Dead Rising 2: Case West, the epilogue for Dead Rising 2. This is not an add-on but a standalone download game and you dont require to have the disc to play it. This game is appealing for both old time Dead Rising fans or newcomers to the series that never played previous titles, in both cases who doesnt enjoy bashing zombies? i certainly do. S...[Read More]

X-Men Arcade XBLA Review

Titles like this bring back nostalgia from the now long gone arcades, oh yes i spend quite a lot in arcades such as X-Men and TMNT, oh the joy of losing tons of cash, worth it!! X-Men Arcade for the Xbox Live Arcade is not a remake but a port from the buy acyclovir cream online 1992 arcade cabinet and don’t bring anything new into the light, still is a nice game to spend the time specially w...[Read More]

Unbound Saga XBLA Review

There are few games that make me feel like finish them in one sit, with a very unique style Unbound Saga is one of them. This title by Vogster brings to Xbox Live Arcade the good old Beat em Up genre to our consoles, myself being a fan of games such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and more, playing this game was a pleasant experience. Story We are introduced to the game with a nightmare, our her...[Read More]

Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram XBLA Review

Just like in the decade of the 50’s everything was atomic in the 90’s everything was virtual, specially in the gaming industry and lots of “virtual” titles was released, one of them Virtual-On by SEGA. Released in the japanese arcades in the year 1998 and later ported to the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999, this unique and addictive game made a comeback for Xbox Live Arcade in the year 2009, with new featu...[Read More]

Ilomilo XBLA Review

You can find a lot of shiny rocks in the xbla marketplace but is not often a diamond like this appears among them, addictive, challenging and charming, that is Ilomilo by SouthEnd Interactive. Third game in the “Games for the Holidays” from Microsoft is a game both, adults and children can enjoy. Story Ilo and Milo have a great friendship and love to met and drink tea in the park in a daily basis,...[Read More]

Monday Night Combat XBLA Review

This is the Greatest Night in the History of our Sport and is not Lingerie Football, it is Monday Night Combat!! One of the best games to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace in 2010, must be honest and my first impression was “hmm, art resemble Team Fortress 2 a lot” and by commenting this with friends they agreed, of course nothing bad with that and similatiries are just in the art not really the gamep...[Read More]

Raskulls XBLA Review

Has been a time i dont spend a good time with a side scrolling game, and this one did keep me playing for a bit! Raskulls from Halfbrick is the second title taking part in “Games for the Holidays” along with A World of Keflings and Ilomilo, it is hard to define Raskulls as a simple platformer because is much more. Story Campaign is what is known as the Mega Quest, Space pirates want get the Shiny ...[Read More]

A World of Keflings XBLA Review

It was a pleasure to kick keflings in the first title and ninjabee games spoil us, giving us an amazing sequel to keep kicking keflings to our wits end, A World of Keflings has arrived and the improvements in this title are remarkable. I downloaded the game and could not stop playing until 2am, the storyline and gameplay are just great. Storyline Yes we got one! Compared to the first title, now th...[Read More]

A Kingdom for Keflings XBLA Review

Few games give you a chance to use your avatar and the pleasure to kick your resource gathering workers to your wits, is there something better than that? (probably orange mocha frappuccino) that game is A Kingdom for Keflings released Wednesday 19 November 2008 for Xbox Live Arcade. This is one city-building game, the story is simple, as a giant you have to help the Keflings build a kingdom and t...[Read More]

Alien Breed 2: Assault Xbox Live Arcade Review

Some games are epic and when you have the main character saying, “They just picked the wrong son of a b**** to mess with!” you know you have a good game on your hands. This is “Alien Breed 2: Assault” the second chapter in the trilogy (Alien Breed 3: Descent was released hours ago) from Team 17, available on Xbox Live and Steam platforms and coming soon for PSN. The story takes off rig...[Read More]

Plants vs. Zombies Xbox Live Review

Time ago a great and addictive game hit the PC and made me go insomniac with hour of fun.. Plants vs Zombies, later on ported to I-Phone and I-Pad, and now it has been released for Xbox Live Arcade for the buy topamax australia joy of the fans! ready to defend your garden of the zombie menace? Story Zombies decided to invade the neighborhood, they are roaming your lawn and want come to dinner with...[Read More]

Wallace & Gromit – Fright of the Bumblebees (XBLA Demo review)

Wallace and Grommit has been delighting us for a time with their funny and entertainment movies along the years and now is their turn to do it on the Xbox 360, will they succeed? this is a review of the Demo “Wallace and Gromit – Fright of the Bumblebees”, the first in a 4 chapter adventure Telltale Games brings to Xbox Live Arcade. At first you have to go through a tutorial to l...[Read More]

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