The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile review (XBLA)

Days ago I got the chance to play The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for the first time. This is the sequel to The Dishwasher, released for Xbox Live Arcade back in 2009. Sadly I missed the chance to play the original and by playing the sequel I can tell you it’s a great experience.
With dynamic and fast paced action gameplay this title has a lot to offer. This side scrolling platformer with futuristic scenarios, vampires, soldiers, ninjas, a nice amount of gothic and eclectic bosses and lots of blood.. the game sounds like a blast of fun!

You start as Yuki, having nightmares of what seems to be a clinic and when you wake up you find yourself recluded in a spaceship prison around the moon’s orbit. Having constant flashbacks between reality and nightmares you have to escape the place, this is thrilling and exciting as you start the game, can be pretty intense.
After you escape the prison ship you get to chose to continue the story by using Yuki or The Dishwasher. It does not matter which one you chose as you will end up doing both campaigns, which is different in the way that it gives the game more hours of gameplay.
If you like the Noir style, this game will be of your liking. Being made in a black and white graphic novel style that quickly can be soaked in red by defeating and violently destroying your enemies.

Gore and blood, finish them with a special combo!

Here the blue sparks kicks in, after a few hits you will have the chance to do a bloody final move to your enemies, this is fun to trigger especially with bosses. And in truth I died of laughter while I was in shock when i took out the guts of a boss by finish him with a combo.

You have the blood warp ability, that can be used either to advance without fighting certain rooms (but meh, what’s the fun in that?) or use it to your advantage by learning to use this skill to avoid enemy attacks , reaching different areas, etc, mastering the blood warp can give you a unique advantage in the game.
Huge amount of combos, and the limit is pretty much up to you: Be it swords, chainsaws, shotguns and more, the amount of combos is just amazing and exquisite. I Didn’t think the controls were complicated at all. You can jump into the practice room, if like me you are new to the game and learn the controls and how to do combos in minutes.

Gothic and original bosses, everything a game needs!

I was surprised the first time i found an Amp in the campaign, you can find Amps, guitars and violins along the game. If you played games like Guitar Hero and Band Hero you know what’s coming.
You get to play a mini game where you must press the right buttons to complete the song and get a bonus.
Was truly surprised and pleased to see this in the game, I remembered I loved these kind of events in games like Brutal Legend.
Speaking of bonus, along the campaign you can find ATM like machines to upgrade your arsenal of weapons, hp and more, when you make a run in Easy-mode you may not need to do so much, but in harder modes you need to grab food and supplies or you will be done for!
The music is quite good and fit the dark ambient feel from the different levels, no voice acting as the story is told in the same graphic novel style mentioned before.

FLAME ON! hey wait, what?

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is a blast to play, to both fans of the first game and for the ones who are playing this series for the first time, with modern music that goes along with the visual style of game.
What could be better than a side scrolling platformer in which you are a futuristic vampire who can get the guts of their enemies and bathe the room with blood?
An excellent game from SKA Studios for our Xbox 360 and for 800 Microsoft Points is a bargain that will give you lots of fun, kudos for an amazing game! Get ready to grab your katana and slice your enemies (good to make salad too!)

we give the game a 9 out of 10!


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